206 hdi oil leak - volcane

Essentially I'm trying to establish whether Peugeot will do anything for a car that has just gone out of warranty. My girlfriend's sister has a 206 hdi which now has 37,000 miles, apparently her father topped up the oil adding nearly a litre in June (she didn't notice the oil level monitor until it started to flash) when the car went for its 36,000 mile sevice the (local vat registered) mechanic reported an oil leak coming from the back of the engine possibly from below the rocker cover (the entire engine is soaked) and had advised her to go back to peugeot as the car was just out of warranty (may 06) this was a few weeks ago. She has now left it for me to sort out.

What does anyone think? are Peugeot likely to cover it? Mechanic reckons it will be a full day stripping.

And has anyone experience of oil leaks like this in a 1.4 hdi and what the likely culprit is. The car drives normally.

Thanks all advice appreciated.

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