306 hdi electrics - scfc_151
just had a new 306 (2001) HDI estate and am trying to sort out 1 or 2 niggly electrical problems

1st of all rear wiper stopped working but now and again decides to work

2nd number plate lights- 1 works the other is off and on if i tap it

3rd one reverse light works one doesnt
could this be one problem i.e. dodgey wires or does it sound like i should go through each one?

the rain sensative wiper works well but doesnt seat the wipers well when parking. theres a jump with a click from the relay. does this sound like the relay

and finally there is a whining sound from the front passenger side now and again when turning the wheel. power steering fluid is fine and alternator belt.

cheers all thought id put all the bits on one post
306 hdi electrics - Screwloose

1/ Water gets into the motor down the shaft and messes up the park switch.

2/ Pretty normal - French connexions!!!

3/ If everything else works on that side, could be a cluster plug or bulb-holder spring contact issue.

4/ Water gets into the motor and messes up the park switch.

5/ Haven't got a clue on that one.
306 hdi electrics - scfc_151
everything sorted now thanks

went round with the wd40 and scotch locks
just dodgey typical wiring from the french

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