Recommendation challenge - Mystery
Hey All,
I love to get others opinions/advice on things and I could really do with help on getting a new motor. It's mind boggling how many there are. Currently have a 1.6 Golf Driver from 90 and is good but for knackered heater matrix, it's good size but could go a bit larger spacially.
Ideal spec (based on limited knowledge)
4 door stickshift hatchback (where the back seats fold down?)
petrol as diesel costs more these days but do you get more for your money from diesel?
1.4 or whatever is the max to stay in cheaper tax bracket
something with a bit of character possibly, ie not something you'd be embarrased to drive a member of the opp. sex in!
electric windows
central locking
budget is up to approx £2500

Don't know what else is important so will go with above, does anything spring to mind apart from fanciful wishful thinking on my part?
Any advice is appreciated in admiration of the accumalated knowledge!
Recommendation challenge - blue_haddock
For that sort of money you could be looking at either a Peugeot 306 or a Citreon Xsara although the xsara does lack a bit in the attractiveness stakes.
Recommendation challenge - Statistical outlier
The Xsara is not too bad in coupe guise, but I think that only came with larger engines, so would fail on the road tax criteria.
Recommendation challenge - local yokel
You are clearly already practising bangernomics, so I'd suggest you keep at it. Don't spend £2,500, as it's a nasty amount. If anyting medium to big goes wrong you can't afford to write off £2.5k, so you pump money in. Spend 800-900 instead.

For real economy look for a Peugeot 205 diesel, for example. 60 mpg, still a few around that are tidy, but it's a 1.8, so no cheap tax. An un-loved but very good car might be a Nissan Primera. Last forever, and lots at £999. The money you pend on the more expensive tax disc will come back in spades on its long life and reliability. is an example of a very respectable Primera (from what can be seen) that you could take a member of the opposite sex in.
Recommendation challenge - Altea Ego
When was the last time you tried to pick up a member of the opposite sex in a Primera. Possibly only those who would be more at home in an RSPCA van.
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Recommendation challenge - local yokel
You are talking to a man who didn't own a car at all until he got married - I just made sure all the young ladies either had a car, or didn't mind a taxi ride back to my flat.

If you need a flash car to look like a stud, then you are already on a loser, IMHO.
Recommendation challenge - Altea Ego
Some of us are blessed with less than stunning good looks and need all the help we can get!

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Recommendation challenge - barney100
Looks like you will be buying from a dealer to exchange your VW with. I reckon if you have a budget it would be best to take a day off and have a trawl round your local dealers to see whats about, a make you had not thoght of may suddenly catch your eye.I went out to buy a Panda once and came home with a Volvo 240 saloon. This turned out well as I kept the Volvo years. Admitedly the car was not as economical as as the Panda and the insurance was more but it lasted years- gave great comfort and not having to change every two years made it actually cheaper in the end than the smaller hatchback.
Recommendation challenge - trancer
"something with a bit of character possibly, ie not something you'd be embarrased to drive a member of the opp. sex in!"

I would say a 1.4 in anything would make the above an impossibility...unless you were lucky (unlucky?) enough to find someone who had never actually been driven in a car before.
Recommendation challenge - Vin {P}
Spend £900 on a bigger car (not like I'm thinking Omega or anything). The £1,600 you save will pay for a bit of extra road tax, a bit of extra insurance (don't know how old you are) and a lot of extra fuel. Our old 1.8 Mondeo did 40mpg, which was better than my mate's Corsa. Not a chick magnet, but at least they'll be able to hear you talking rather than having to shout over the tortured scream of a 1.4.

Recommendation challenge - Vin {P}
Or was it a 1.6?
Recommendation challenge - IanW1977
1.4 106 XSI

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