- N16 headlight recall - NowWheels
Just in case it's of interest/relevance to anyone else, I thought I'd report that my late-2004-registered Nissan Almera N16 hatchback was recalled last week to have its headlights replaced.

The explanations of why were a little confused. The person from the dealership who phoned me said it was because there was a problem with them misting up, but I asked again when I took the car in (another person was behind the desk), and was told that it was "to make them more effective". I suppose the second answer could be a euphemistic version of the first.

The new headlights look exactly the same, so I'm not sure how much has been replaced. I haven't yet had a chance to test them properly in real darkness away from streetlights, but the rather puny headlights (at least on dipped beam) have always been one of the Almera's weak points, so if the new ones are more powerful I'll be pleased.

The VOSA website (www.vosa.gov.uk/vosa/apps/recalls/default.asp ) shows no recalls for the Almera since 2002 (part from one for the Tino), but I presume that this is too trivial to list. I assume that the recall applies to models from 2003 onwards, when the facelift introduced the currently-trendy projector-style headlights, but I didn't ask.

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Nissan Almera N16 headlight recall - beaconsfield
Just had a customer into our garage with poor complaining head light where very poor a night. On closer examination I noted that the dipped head light bulb had been over heating and on one side melted the bulb holder area. My local Nissan agent told me that these cars had a recall for that very problem.

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Nissan Almera N16 headlight recall - bathtub tom
My '53 reg was done last september. I understood it was something to do with the projector dipped beam. They replace the whole light units. It must be costing Nissan a few bob.
I didn't notice any problem before, or any improvement after. I felt the lights were as good as any I've experienced, and that includes the Cibies I fitted to one car.
I asked if I could keep the old lights, thinking they'd make useful spares if one ever got damaged, but they weren't wearing it. Perhaps there's a big pile of them somewhere around Sunderland?
Nissan Almera N16 headlight recall - Pugugly {P}
By sheer chance of course around 5 pairs of used N16 Headlamps on e'bay...
Nissan Almera N16 headlight recall - Pa2002
I have a 53 registration Nissan Almera. The lights seemed to be dimmer and dimmer every day. When I opened the cup of the headlights I realised that the bulb was melting the plastic of the light holder. Anybody knows if Nissan will replace them for free? And how?


Nissan Almera N16 headlight recall - bathtub tom
Have you spoken to your local Nissan dealer?
Is it registered in your name/at your address?
Nissan Almera N16 headlight recall - scrapmetal
Take it to your nissan dealer they (should) replace them free of charge.
Nissan Almera N16 headlight recall - GregSwain
My mum's N16 Almera (54-reg) has AWFUL headlights that barely light the road infront of the car despite having been adjusted by an indie mechanic who agreed they were poor - will get her to take it to a main dealer and see if this recall applies to her car. Very interesting post tho - my old N15 Almera needed extra-bright bulbs fitting because the lights were also pretty bad but they're more than acceptable now.
Nissan Almera N16 headlight recall - Simon_herts
My Almera (03) failed its MOT due to both headlamp bulbs melting the holders. I contacted my dealer who told me that there was a recall on them but i was never contacted. They changed them over for me that same day, now they are supurb. I have always complained about the dimness of the headlamps since Nissan replaced them they are better than they have ever been
Nissan Almera N16 headlight recall - Pa2002
Just to keep you updated. I have contacted my local Nissan dealer and they changed the headlights without paying a single penny! Excellent service. It took them less than an hour to do it.

However, I'm wondering why Nissan did not recal these headlights. I now realise how dangerous the car was with the old headlights.

Thanks for all the info,


Nissan Almera N16 headlight recall - bathtub tom

Thanks for keeping us informed.
Nissan Almera N16 headlight recall - GregSwain
Interestingly enough, Nissan wrote to my Mum last week and she's got the car booked in to have both units replaced in a few weeks time!
Nissan Almera N16 headlight recall - natlights
thank you so much for this back room chat.
i am the 2nd owner of my almera 03 model and have notice since i got the car the lights have been really bad, i changes the bulb for stronger ones but did not work then the drivers side is not connecting. so i was looking on e bay for new lights and came accross to this site from google and read all the recalls. thankfully i googled it. i have phoned the nissan dealer near me and the car is booked in next week. just glad i am having this fixed before my mot.
thank you once again will keep you posted on what happens.

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Nissan Almera N16 headlight recall - Optimist
It doesn't look like Nissan dealers are very good on recalls, does it? Makes you think. Do people have to hunt down recalls for themselves?
Nissan Almera N16 headlight recall - bri63
Had an Almera from new. Never had a recall letter. Nissan won't carry out repair even though the vehicle should have been recalled as it is now 6 yrs old........

Any advice???
Nissan Almera N16 headlight recall - maria18
we had same problem with nissan my car was just 5 years old ,2 weeks ago they said they had would only change the lights if the car was under 5 years .so as its 2 weeks over the 5 years they would not have to change them that was the rules so they say . im soo mad!!!!!
Nissan Almera N16 headlight recall - almeraguy
I am delighted! I was searching online for cheapest Almera N16 headlamp when I found Honest John. I phoned my nearest dealer who confirmed by the vin number that it was indeed subject to an "active recall". The recall is on the vehicle, so it matters not if you are the first or fiftieth owner.

I have returned from Copthorne Garage where two brand new headlamps & all eight bulbs were replaced totaly FREE of charge. Our Almera isan 03 plate 1500cc hatch (older than 5yrs).

As of yet I have not tried it at night but it must be an improvement as the beam intensity of the old lamps was crap.

What a great website!
Nissan Almera N16 headlight recall - Justin1984
I am from Australia and here they a called Nissan Pulsar and Ive had the same problem with the headlights melting would anyone know if it is recalled here


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Nissan Almera N16 headlight recall - martyn1978

i have a 54 plate Almera 1.5 and i just wanted to add that i had a problem with my Camshaft Sensor - i looked online and found out that there was a recall for this part also - unfortunately my VIN wasn't part of that recall but it was in for this headlight recall... so now i am booked in for them replacing - again the garage receptionist was pretty vague as to what they are going to do and why there are doing it !

with regards to the cam sensor - they dealer was going to charge me £130 parts and labour for the job, whereas it only cost me £29 for the sensor over the counter and i had it fitted at a small garage close to me... what a rip off they wanted to charge £100 for labour that took my mate 45 seconds to do !!!
Nissan Almera N16 headlight recall - bathtub tom
If your car's VIN wasn't in the range of the recall, why did you replace the cam sensor?

Was it causing a problem?

I'm aware they replaced cam and crankshaft sensors on some earlier models. The problem there seemed to be worn camchains though, causing the sensors to get 'out of sync'.
Nissan Almera N16 headlight recall - martyn1978
hi - yeah it was causing the car to stall whilst driving, i was told it could be the timing chain or something but my mechanic mate said it was easier and cheaper to try the cam sensor first.
this seemed to solve the problem and the car drives perfect now !

Nissan Almera N16 headlight recall - Nabil
My headlight was melting and took it to a Nissan garage and they replaced for free.

I have the timing chain problem and Nissan garage confirmed it's the timing chain & it costs £1000 to fix. Shall I replace the camshaft sensor, or do you mean the crankshaft sensor?

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Nissan Almera N16 headlight recall - daw1975123

I know this is a while since the last post but I also never received a recall notice but had my headlights replaced under warranty when it failed it's first MOT. Was told it was because of failed reflectors in the casing. Checked with Nissan and my car had never had any recalls or TCBs!

- N16 headlight recall - Saul
Am the 2nd owner of a 2003 Nissan Almera here in Kampala Uganda. I recently clashed it blaming it on my poor misted headlights. I contacted my local Nissan dealer who wants USD 1200. The same headlights can be got on ebay at USD 150.
Secondly he did not tell me anything about the headlight recall. I need advise on how to proceed with this. Thanks


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