P-reg Primera upper links - Kostic

I've had a well-known suspension knocking in my Primera for some time and decided to do something about it. This would require replacing both upper links (confirmed being the problem by a Nissan dealer). It seems to be a not very difficult job, however I looked in Haynes manual and it is not clear if the upper link can be replaced without removing a centre link. Has anyone of fellow backroomers tackled this job themselves and advise ?

Manual also says about replacing both nuts that keep the link in place, does anyone actually do it ? Is it just a normal nut of the relevant size that can be bought at any tool shop ?

And finally, dealer wants £100+ for one link, which seems way over the top. I've seen a lot of backroomers recommend QH parts, which they do for £25. I've never actually bought their parts, do they sell to the public directly or through motor factors only ?


P-reg Primera upper links - bell boy
if you walk into any motor factors they will be more than willing to sell you the bits as that is what they are there for (to take money) im not being funny but so many people wont go in them because they think the parts man will show them up to be an imbecile and suck through his teeth at the same time and say "trade only guv"
To get good service in any motor factor be specific on what you need and write it down if it helps,take your registration number and also your chassis number and year of manufacture if you know it,all this information can be put into the computer and will help the partsman locate the right part for your particular vehicle.......
Do not go in with a "well its making a funny noise on the back wheel have you got a thingymugig to cure it".........OP i know this isnt you so you have no worries.....
Most QH stuff is very good ,just some of their handbrake cables ive had trouble with in the past, dont forget you wont get a full trade discount because you are a one off purchaser but make sure you are polite and ask him to "quote you happy",the only other thing is do not go in on a sat morning go mid week during the day (its a physchological thing trust me ;) )

good luck.
P-reg Primera upper links - Kostic
Thanks oldman. I'll bear advice in mind :-)
It's not that I won't go to motor factors, it is just not that many (if any at all) around my work place, so it is a bit difficult during a week.

Anyway, this is kind of less important part of my question. Hopefull somebody will come along sharing some tips on the job I consider undertaking.



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