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Have a read of this Euro NCAP test of the Toyota RAV 4, Pay attention to the comments at the bottom of the page in the frontal impact box.

Im not happy that a major world manufacturer like Toyota is taking that attitude to safety, They have enough money to sort the problem, They should be forced to issue a recall.

You need a PDF reader to view it. RAV4 Datasheet.pdf
Toyota RAV 4 safety - Altea Ego
The car got 4 stars without the mod. If they would have got 5 stars with the mod they would have done so.

Euroncap is not making a big noise about it, they dont explain what it means in real terms, so its probably a non issue.
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Toyota RAV 4 safety - bell boy
the n-cap test is just that and they normally smack these cars up at a far higher speed than us poor mortals would be likely to live through....
i am 100% sure that if toyota thought there was a non airbag safety issue at stake or the fact that the late firing of the airbags was an issue a safety recall would have been done either at their own request or at the insistance of vosa...
personally i dont think its an issue at all......

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