Route advise please Thrpaston to Padstow - Craig_1969
Time for a week in the caravan (don't moan its kept on site) in sunny Padstow. I have to drive from NN14 3JW Thapston. Autoroute suggests going down the A14/M6/M42/M5 and onwards, but I dont know the M42 very well and am worried about getting stuck.

An alternative route and only 12 miles longer is to go down to Luton on the A6 and M1/M25/M3 onwards.

I am leaving the office at 3.30pm today.

Any hints as the best route appreciated.
Route advise please Thrpaston to Padstow - cub leader
a possibility is to follow the A45 and M6 as far as coventry and then follow the A46 across around Evesham to the M5 junction 9. Is more intersting than the motorway and cuts out the awkward bits around the M42 where there are cameras from the M6 end as far as the M40
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Route advise please Thrpaston to Padstow - daveyjp
You don't say when you are leaving, but if it's tonight avoid the M42 until well after rush hour - I've been in horrendous queues on Friday evenings (I've now learnt my lesson and leaving Leeds for a trip to South Wales on a Friday is a no no, unless we leave after 7pm). No probs with the M42 - the new cameras do keep trafic moving and it's only for about 5 miles, although a couple of weeks ago they were warning of congestion with reduced 50 then 40 limit and there was very little traffic. Nice earner for the camera operators though, especially as the first reduction was on the first gantry after the M5 north leaving little time to reduce speed.
Route advise please Thrpaston to Padstow - FP
I strongly suggest that if you choose the M1 option you do NOT go down the A6. Luton and Bedford are horrendous. Better to go Wellingborough on A45, then south on A509 to join M1 at Jct 14. The only slow section is Olney and this is quite short. Remember there are widening works involving contraflows and speed restrictions on the M1 between Jcts 11 and 8.
Route advise please Thrpaston to Padstow - Craig_1969
Thanks guys, M42 avoidance especially required.

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