Oil changes - Statistical outlier
Right, another question with a long history in the backroom, so I'll be careful to only ask about one sub-section of the topic.

Having read the many opinions and ideas, I'm satisfied that it will be worth doubling up on my oil changes on my Accord (2.2 i-CDTI Tourer). However, I'm not sure when to start.

Frist 12.5k miles is easy. All (Okay, most. Okay, some) advice says leave it. Then start changing on half schedule.

But. I do mainly high speed, very easy on the car stuff. It took 10k to (nearly) stop burning oil, and at 18k is only really now loosening up to give 45+ mpg and feel more responsive.

So, my question is, in my kind to the oil and engine, only just bedding in situation, should I leave this lot in for the full 12.5k as well? My gut feeling is that I should, but I?m also influenced by having no time to do the chance before going on holiday, and it?ll be on more like 20-21k by the time I?m back, where it starts to feel a bit pointless.

Any thoughts?

Oil changes - Bill Payer
I think you've answered your own question?

Change it if you like, but it's pointless.
Oil changes - buzbee
A new car where the normal oil change is at 12.5 k (?) and you are asking if you should not change it until it has done 21,000, am I reading this right?
Oil changes - type's'
I think he is saying that he will change at 12.5K in accordance with schedule.
Then when he starts his interim changes his next one is due close to being on holiday so he may leave it at which point when he gets back he will have done 21K which is too close to the 25K to bother changing - I think.
Oil changes - Statistical outlier
Type's', spot on, that's exactly what I'm asking.
Oil changes - Statistical outlier
No, it had a change at 12.5k!! I'm stupid, but not that stupid. :-)

I'm asking whether I should (inconveniently) change it at 19k or wait until 25k?

I did nearly re-post a clarification, as my OP was written quickly and not very clearly.
Oil changes - J1mbo
Best to just follow the manual unless your doing lots of stop start journeys. As your doing plenty of miles, changing it at 12.5 is fine.
Oil changes - type's'
Based on thet ype of driving you are doing Gordon M I would be happy to oil change twice at normal intervals and then commence interim changes (if you are going to keep the car for high mileage).
The Honda beat web site in USA reports huge mileages on Hondas that have been subject to the US service regime - i.e. more frequent oil changes than our service schedules call for.
I'm with HJ and most people on this web site in that the longer intervals are there to satisfy fleet managers and not Joe Public.
Oil changes - Statistical outlier
That's what I was thinking. For the moment, my intention is to pay the £5700 balloon when it's 3 years old and then see how many miles I can get out of it. As long as the easy life continues, I hope it will go past 250k, although my requirement for it not to be off the road in an unplanned manner may intervene before that.

Saying that, if so, might make a good car for anyone on here into bangeromics!

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