Daewoo ecu fault - markandchrissie
I have a problem with a Daewoo Lanos 1.4, 1999. It started misfiring and the engine management light came on.

Further inspection revealed no spark on 2 & 3. I have replaced the coil pack but there is no change.

I tried to get a diagnostic check done but apparantly there is no plug!

Would you suggest replacing the ecu?

Daewoo ecu fault - bell boy
the dlc is below the steering wheel
probably is the ecu, but be aware it might be linked to the immobilisor so you may need more than just the ecu ,seek professional advice before you go spending if i was you ,unless you have a spare to try?
Bare in mind its normally a faulty coil that back spikes the ecu so make sure its well disposed of if the culprit for your problems
Daewoo ecu fault - jc2
Ecu's are normally ultra reliable;it is usually a sender or a connector that causes the problem.
Daewoo ecu fault - LeePower
If you leave a misfire unrepaired too long on many a modern car the ECU is the first thing that gets fried by the massive voltage back spike down the wiring.

Puntos & Peugeot / Citroeons are very well known for it.
Daewoo ecu fault - bell boy
have you found out any more information then markandchrissie?? or did you source an ecu?

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