Vectra 2.5 auto prob ??? - redcats
hi everyone
had a problem with the car this morning put it into drive and it was very slow setting off thought the handbrake was on. once it moved off it was still slow and kick down not working,then I noticed on the computer display it said AUTOMATIC GEARBOX , turned off when I got to school and set off again the warning light had gone off and it drove as it always does, got home and checked the fluid level and it is about 2 cmm above max Any ideas please
sorry car is a vectra cdx 2.5 auto r reg
Vectra 2.5 auto prob ??? - Dynamic Dave
Gearbox went into limp home mode. Basically when this happens, you won't get any kickdown and the gearbox starts off in 3rd gear - hence why the car was sluggish at pulling away.

Sometimes a gearbox oil change *can* rectify the problem, but the usual and most common problem is the selector switch on the gearbox intermittantly fails.

Only real way to be sure is to get the fault code read out - if the car's ecu has stored any.
Vectra 2.5 auto prob ??? - redcats
cheers for that dave is cleaning the switch a diy option
Vectra 2.5 auto prob ??? - Dynamic Dave
is cleaning the switch a diy option

I'll say *possibly* and I mean that very loosely. Over on, IIRC, there was someone who cleaned the switch and posted some pictures. I have vague recollections that was for an Omega autobox though, and only had limited sucess.

If I was you, I'd get the fluid changed first to see if that cures the problem.
Vectra 2.5 auto prob ??? - Ruperts Trooper
Changing the fluid should always be the very first step when diagnosing autobox problems. It's the cheapest and eliminates many "faults".

Look at the colour of the fluid on the dipstick. When fresh it's translucent red. As it ages and gets contaminated it changes to brown and gets darker. If it's black the fluid change is long overdue and may be too late.

Vauxhall state that autobox fluid changes aren't needed in normal driving, EVER! Their list of operating conditions which constitute "extreme" is quite long though and not really extreme in most drivers' eyes.

In these "extreme" conditions the fluid should be changed every 40,000 miles. I tow a trailer with my auto Astra (one of the extreme conditions!) so I change the fluid every 20,000.

Be wary of overfilling any autobox as only about half of the nominal capacity drains out, the rest is retained in the torque converter but soon mixes with the fresh oil.

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