BMW 320d Engine Manifold Fault - Binky
I have recently had to replace the engine on my 2002 3 series due to the inlet manifold failing causing damage to the engine. I was wondering if anyone out there has also experianced this same problem and if so can I get in touch.
BMW 320d Engine Manifold Fault - trancer
In what way did it fail and how did the failure cause engine damage?.

I have heard of the seam on the plastic inlet manifold splitting, but don't recall the instances being with 320ds, it happened on 330ds.

From what I gather there was a rather loud "pop" sound followed by a noticeable lack of power and oil spray in the engine compartment. A new manifold rectified the problem and the cars were fine, never heard of that particular failure leading to engine damage. The sound and loss of power was so noticeable that you wouldn't continue driving for very long as you would have known that something had gone wrong.

No official word from BMW, but one can only deduce that there was a weak point when the two sections of the plastic manifold were bonded or joined together.

Who diagnosed and recommended a replacement engine?. I certainly hope you weren't taken for a ride.

I don't recall exactly who had the problems but I read about them on the BMW land website, free to join and a wealth of firsthand owner info there, so it may be a good idea to do some more investigating there.
BMW 320d Engine Manifold Fault - Binky
The debris from the manifold went into the piston damaged the ring and inturn damaged the block & head.
I have been told of this happening to one other 320d of this year but I have only just started to ask questions.
BMW 320d Engine Manifold Fault - trancer
Sorry to hear that, debris getting into the combustion chamber certainly won't do the engine any favours. I have seen pictures of split manifolds and it looks like just that, the plastic seam fails and and the top and bottom sections seperate.

As mentioned, the cars were fine once the manifolds were replaced, but then those manifolds remained intact after failure. Its likely that your manifold failure wasn't a similar seam split. Did you see the manifold at all, either before the engine was replaced or after it was removed?.

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