£30k Citroen? - tack
Hands up all those who would pay £30k and over for a Citroen?

.....thought not!

£30k Citroen? - doug_r1
Hands up all those who would pay £6k for a three year old one? Shhhhh, keep quiet or they'll all want one :-)
£30k Citroen? - cheddar
£30k Citroen? - runboy
A recent What Car? 2-car test between the new big Citroen and a Jag S-type had the Citroen as the winner......

£30k Citroen? - tanvir
Well.... ths S has been out for 8 years now...
£30k Citroen? - tanvir
But i do love the C6!
£30k Citroen? - Peter S
Based on its looks, yes, I would! And if it drives well, and more importantly (coming from an E61 5 series driver...) rides well, then definitely!! I'd be tempted to by a 3 month old ex demo/Citroen UK car though, and save a few thousand...

£30k Citroen? - PhilW
If I had £30k ...yes!
but i will wait 3 or 4 years and get one for £10k
£30k Citroen? - rip
If I had £30k ...yes!
but i will wait 3 or 4 years and get one
for £10k

Or at the rate everyone form TV to internet keeps praising the c6, more like 20k after 3 years!!!

Please all, keep spreading the message how rubbish Citroen are... as i want one!
£30k Citroen? - Blue {P}
I wouldn't even dream of spending £30K on Citreon, if I was gonna spend that much on a car that's value would drop like a lead ballon I would make it a well specced Volvo S60, lovely looking car.

£30k Citroen? - NowWheels
Hands up all those who would pay £30k and over for a Citroen?

If I was spending £30K on a car, the Citroen would be top on my list.

OTOH, if I had 30K to spend on a car, I'd prefer to buy an Almera again for me, plus one for a friend, and give away the other 15K
£30k Citroen? - machika
Well said NowWheels.

I would never spend that kind of money on any car. A C6 at £10k would be tempting.
£30k Citroen? - Xileno {P}
No Citroen is worth 30K unless it's got some diamonds in the boot.
Buy at one year old and smile.
£30k Citroen? - caesar
If i paid 30k for a citroen id want half of the company.Plummit price of a used one would be tempting though?
£30k Citroen? - mike hannon
Even the French seem to think the C6 is expensive and thirsty.
I've only seen two over here since the launch a couple of months ago but it does look impressive if you like that sort of thing.
£30k Citroen? - The Honourable
Two suggestions - either get your company to pay for it or as the thread suggests wait two years for a bargain classy exec!
£30k Citroen? - local yokel
I went to www.c6.citroen.com/uk/ , followed the links and the page I arrived at said: "The c6introduction does not exist"
£30k Citroen? - Honestjohn
Road test at www.honestjohn.co.uk/road_tests/index.htm?id=220

They are all strictly to dealer or customer order, so don't expect fields of them this side of the channel.

£30k Citroen? - peterb
Why do they bother with an RHD one?

Which other RHD markets to Citroen sell to?
£30k Citroen? - boxsterboy
The thing is, there are very few 'executive' cars at that price where you can't fail to buy with a big discount. Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, etc. They are all over-producing in a market that, like all markets, is dominated by the basic economics of supply and demand.

Citroen say they are only producing to demand, so in theory should not depreciate as much.

But yes, if I hadn't bought a 1 month old E class in January at a £10,000 discount (see what I mean), I would be seriously tempted to buy one now.
£30k Citroen? - local yokel
Maybe no big discounts in the new -sales market, but three years (and further) down the line it will be very different. You would expect the Germanic cars to have better residuals, based on past experience.

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