Converting to Wire Wheels - Charles
I have an MGB with ordinary wheels and am thinking of converting it to Wire Wheels.
Can anyone advise me of what`s involved in doing
What do I have to buy and do to carry out this change.?
How much will it cost for either a D-I-Y job or for a Garage to do it?
Is it easy to do? ( Any forseeable problems ?)
Many thanks
Re: Converting to Wire Wheels - Robin Hall
Are you a member of the MG Owners Club? I had a look round their site and found a link to an online spares catalogue which may be connected to them( After using the search facility on wire wheels I found a conversion kit listed at £315 but that doesn't include the wheels! I believe there are quite a few parts involved but as the MGB is quite basic mechanically I would have thought it is a DIY option. I'm sure there are other options, maybe the small ads in Practical Classics will list some specialists you can ring - I think this is a common request . There are also copies which bolt straight on which they may also list on the site but I didn't have a good look.

I used to own a "B" and once the lottery cheque comes through I will have a 1969 MGC Roadster in the gravel drive of my newly acquired mansion.

Good Luck
Robin (Jealous Vectra driver)
Re: Converting to Wire Wheels - Richard Loweth
I did this, years ago, on a Triumph Vitesse. If the "system" is the same you will need four "splined hubs" that you bolt on, using your existing wheel nuts, to your existing wheel hubs. The wire wheel then slides onto the "splined hub". You the, on a Triumph, had a choice of a "knock off" nut that had ears on it and could be removed with just a leather faced mallet, or an octagonal nut that needed a large ring spanner to remove. The octagonal is safer against theft and they may, or may not, be some issues with the "knock off" type about its "ears" being perhaps harmful to a pedestrian in an accident. Lastly don't forget that you will need inner tubes in all your tyres.
Beware old wire wheels! If the wires "collapse" yopu will have a very unpleasant accident.
Re: Converting to Wire Wheels - chris
Check out the internet, the there is avery good website which covers B's and midgets and has dealt with this question on their bulletin board many times. Check the archives. If you are an MG owner this site is an essential on your "favourites" list.
I believe you will need new front hubs and new rear half shafts all available through MG owners club or Moss motors.

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