Optimax - Chris7
Because of a bad back and other health problems but mainly because I like it, I drive a Honda CRV Auto. For similar reasons I only do low mileage each year and because my costs are otherwise low I only use Shell Optimax on the basis that I believe this may keep my engine in a better condition and counteract the low mileage of about 3000 a year. Do you agree this thinking is worthwhile or am I wasting my money?
Optimax - mss1tw
I think normal petrol but an oil change every 6 months or sooner would be a wiser investment.
Optimax - DP
The cleaning properties of Optimax, particularly for the valves and upper cylinder area are well documented. Evo did a great test a couple of years back on their long termers with borescope examinations before and after a long stint on this fuel. The results were very conclusive in favour of Optimax.

One of the bike magazines also showed how Optimax is doesn't "go off" as quickly as regular Unleaded which could have benefits for all low mileage users. It doesn't leave as much gum and residue behind when stored, and the octane rating stays higher for longer.

I treat my bike (and the Fiesta) to a tank of Optimax once a month or so, but use regular the rest of the time. Seems to be a good compromise. The Fiesta also does 2 mpg more on Optimax.

Would agree with mss1tw on more frequent oil changes though.

Optimax - Vansboy
I'm a fan of Optimax & get around 8-10% better mpg, for a 5-6% cost increase, in comparisson to standard fuels, in the Omega.

Mrs V has only EVER run her Mx5 on it - maybe in another million miles, they'll strip the engine for a real life test result, if she continues to do the same!

& with only 3000 miles in your Honda, there's only minimal additional costs anyway!


Optimax - Deskpilot
It could be me writing your message: Ancient? Health not too good and Honda CRV Auto (August 2005) plus use of Optimax!

(Incidentally, this is my third automatic CRV since September, 1997, and I started using Optimax in my 2002 model.

However, because I've been suffering from a whine from my CRV (petrol) from new and the rather wide cost gap between Shell Leaded and Optimax, I must admit I've lapsed from using it on the last two fill-ups.

I have always felt that acceleration was faster and smoother using Optimax and I suppose I had better go back to using Optimax, even though I feel my whining CRV does not deserve it!!!
Optimax - drbe
Round here - SW London/Surrey, Shell fuel is consistently one of the cheapest.

It may be, of course, that they are simply matching Tesco and Sainsbury prices.
Optimax - Vin {P}
I tested Optimax over a thousand miles or so and saw no change in consumption (1999 Omega 2.5).

Apart from that 1,000 miles, it's been Tesco's low cost brew all the way for the 107K miles I've put on. It's survived despite all the scare stories about cheap petrol. If Optimax is abot 4p more expensive per litre, then I've probably saved just over £600, or the cost of my cambelt changes to put it another way.

However, it's my choice to risk all the horrible things that apparently happen to cars run on cheap fuel. It's up to you. If you're only doing, say , 5K miles a year, then you're looking at saving 30 quid a year. Now, I'd still run on Tesco's, because I'm a cheapskate and I don't buy into the marketing hype.

Optimax - Happy Blue!
I've used it for several years.

In a Merc 4-cyl engine, the car ran much more smoothly, but no great change in performance or economy. The same can be said for the 6-cyl Volvo I had, although the emmissions (in the words of the MoT tester) were superbly low. I feel little difference in my Subaru Forester Turbo, but its too young for an MoT. Maybe the fact that the cars are all automatic means that one feels less of a change on performance than with a manual car?
Optimax - steveb
Same can be said for the 2.2 Vectra engine - Optimax makes no difference to economy or performance, however it is noticibly smoother and the emissions have been as near to 'perfect' as can be. Currently at 70k miles.

Waiting for the ignition coils / timing chain to fail / snap however...................

Optimax - frazerjp
Use it in my Ford Ka, apart from the increase in economy, i once filled it up at a service station off the M6 after using esso SUL from the previous fill, the ka had more urge up the slopes then before, so much & i had 2 step off the throttle a bit because it kept going for more & mine is just athe Endura-e unit!!
Its not what you drive, its how you drive it! :-)

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