Peugeot 306 fuel problems - Gavin87
Hi there, ive recently bought a 1996 306 1.9 DTurbo. On starting the car in a morning,it just turns over and over and over without fireing up. Priming the fuel system using the priming bulb and then starting the car, it fires up first attempt. If i leave the car for a couple of hours and try to start it, it turns over a few times then starts up. Leave it for any longer and i need to prime the fuel system again.
My guess is that ive got a slight air leak, not knowing a great deal, has anyone heard of anything like it before, and where could the leak be getting in.

Also does anyone know where the TDC sensor is as my tacho doesnt work and i'm lead to believe its the TDC sensor
Peugeot 306 fuel problems - Peter D
This is very common and probable is the seal on the lid of the Fuel filter. Check all pipes and union and clean and reseal the fuel filer or fit a new one whilst you are in there. If yours has a bleed valve for drainin ght water out of the filter this could also be leaking and letting air in. Regards Peter
Peugeot 306 fuel problems - Peter D
Also check the priming bulb is not perished and cracking. Regards Peter
Peugeot 306 fuel problems - solara
could also be a fuel leak at the white fuel thermostat on left hand bottom side of fuel filter.

Yes TDC sensor is likely culprit for intermittent/non-functioning tacho. Make sure you buy right one for your engine.
Peugeot 306 fuel problems - Gavin87
Thanks guys much apreciated. ive had a look around, the priming bulb is fine, and i changed the fuel filter the other day. im fairly happy its nothing to do with the fuel filter. i'm now only left with guessing its either something to do with the fuel pump or the fuel lines themselves.
Peugeot 306 fuel problems - Peter D
Yes if that is the case it has been known for the flexi sections to perish and such air in but if it is a no start the leak is normally near the front. A start and stall indicate a rear ward leak. You will have to resort to length of clear piping so you can see the bubbles. If you but a length in on the feed pipe to the filter and this empties overnight then the leak is still forward of the pipe and the fuel is draining pack over a period of time. Good Luck they can be difficult to find. Regards Peter
Peugeot 306 fuel problems - 659FBE
Look at the injector spill pipes first. These short rubber tubes are arranged "daisy chain" fashion between the injectors and return surplus fuel to the tank. As they are in a hot location and are sometimes disturbed when other jobs such as glowplugs are attended to, they are very prone to developing cracks. GSF stock the tubing - change the rubber cap on the end injector at the same time.

Peugeot 306 fuel problems - Shaz {p}
My ZX td did the same a while back - it was the injector spill pipes on mine - got a tube from gsf, cut it to the size of the pipes, and fitted - has been fine since.
Peugeot 306 fuel problems - thomp1983
had this with the a4 recently aswell again caused by leak off pipes being past there best. tdc sensor is on the back of the engine block on the passenger side as you look into engine bay, probably find sensor is covered in crap and after a good clean will work, if not then there bout £15 from eurocarparts


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