Wheel bearings? mk3 Golf - adam f
"crocodile dundee phone call -bearings"

silly title but good way of explaining problem!

in the film dundee has a "stick" on a string, swings it round and makes a "phone call". if you have seen the film you will know what i mean.

anyway there is a sound like this coming from the rear of my mk3 golf and i think it may be the wheel bearings???

does this sound right?

rough cost of getting changed?

if not bearings then any ideas?
crocodile dundee phone call -bearings - hm
you are getting a 'werrrring' sound, yes I would say that that is a wheel bearing..........

Try jacking up that wheel, hold the wheel at 9 and 3 O clock, give the wheel a wiggle, you should feel some play, then hold it a about 1 and 7 o clock....again you should notice some play. If it is really bad, simply spin the wheel you may hear it grumbling.

Cost, the wheel bearing should set you back about £10/15 inc VAT from GSF. I do not know Golfs very well....does she have drums or disks on the back?

Most Audi's have disc's (same as golf I think), which have two tapered bearing one in the front, one in the rear...took me about 35min per side, easy job because there is no need for a press.

Let me know what you have on the back....I'm guessing it a garage will charge £80 to £100 all in.......but wheel bearing are easy....
crocodile dundee phone call -bearings - Peter D
Yep it's a bearing. Even with no or only a little play just spin the wheel when jacked up and you will hear the noise a slight noise when jacked up is 100 time worse when on the ground. Drums at the rear unless a GTI. Also change both sides and check for any leakage/weeping from the slave cylinders at the same time, before you go to but new slaves check to see if you can undo the hydraulic union and does the nut turn on the pipe. I suspect not so you may need new pipes and slaves. Regards Peter
crocodile dundee phone call -bearings - adam f
the car is discs all round-is a tdi
crocodile dundee phone call -bearings - steveo3002
maybe just nip the nut up a touch further
crocodile dundee phone call -bearings - George Porge
MK3 tdi is disc front / drum rear.
crocodile dundee phone call -bearings - Peter D
Nipping it up will make if louder for shore. Just change it or even better both, and be done. Regards Peter
crocodile dundee phone call -bearings - adam f
car has discs all round-may have been upgraded at some point. and it is a tdi

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