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I know Renaults are much maligned in this forum, but how cool is their booking service?

My Scenic II is heading for its 18K mile service in late August, and I know there is variation between garages as to cost. After registering online I can check the service costs for all the dealers in my area just by amending my dealer of choice. It transpires that my supplying dealer, a rather small and scabby garage is the cheapest, and the glitzy direct owned chrome and glass palace the most costly by £40.

Labour £85
ACEA98 B£ DIESEL-£35.25

Environmental charge £3.50

Total £170.83

You cannot argue for efficiency and transparency. Do other dealers / marques online book in such a way?

Renault online service booking - Armitage Shanks {p}
The difference in price pays for the difference between 'scabby' and 'glitzy'! Does scabby give you a courtesy car, for example?
Renault online service booking - David R
Both include a courtesy car
Renault online service booking - Armitage Shanks {p}
Then I suggest that the price difference is down to the difference in the business rates etc between the premises. If the standard of the work is the same there is no need to go to the gin palace!
Renault online service booking - Xileno {P}
Just be aware of some of the 'extras' that **may** appear on the bill...

12.95 Reducteur de fume
2.95 Screen Wash
3.50 Consummable products
9.21 Wiper blade
17.95 Wiper blade
7.44 Keycard batts
1.82 Motrio W5W
3.00 Handy Lube

Useful site though.

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