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Squeaky Belt - possibly aircon - Avensis - skiddy2k
iv got a Toyota Avensis 2.0tdi R reg '98' manual transmission.

i took it from london to manchester yesterday, around a 200mile drive, and found that when i got there, i started to get a squealing-screeching noise when i accelerate on first and second gear.

sounds to me like the belt has stretched slightly and dried on the long journey. My timing belt, fan belt and air-con belt was changed last may, however, since then, i havent done a long journey like this with my air-con switched on, on the motorway.

i sprayed some wd40 on the drive and air con belt, i think it helped a bit, but the noise is still there. i know that there is a special spray for squeeky drive belts, do these work well?

i also found that the problem of the noise tends to happen 'more' when my air-conditioning is switched on, rather than just the cool air in the cabin.

anyone got any suggestions of what it could be or possible cures?

thanks in advance,
Squeaky Belt - possibly air conditioning - Armitage Shanks {p}
Spraying Wd 40 on any belt is going make it slip more, isn't it? How many belts have you got or is it one long one that does the lot. Does a 98 Avensis even have a fan belt? I thought they were all electric by then. Sorry to answer a question with a question but I think we need a bit more info to go on!
Squeaky Belt - possibly air conditioning - Dynamic Dave
Spraying Wd 40 on any belt is going make it slip more, isn't it?

Not sure about not making them slip, but I've used wd40 many times to stop belts making that dry whispering sound.
Squeaky Belt - possibly air conditioning - Xileno {P}
Duck oil works a treat on vocal belts.
Squeaky Belt - possibly air conditioning - defender
cant you just tighten the belt a little bit to stop the slipping? . there is a product called grazon belt dressing but a rub with chalk often stops belt noise
Squeaky Belt - possibly air conditioning - Armitage Shanks {p}
I read what you say DD and indeed I have sprayed WD 40 into the front of an alternator to quieten it down but a belt which squeals is slipping and WD 40 is a lubricant; at best I suggest that it might make it slip silently! Ie you would think it was cured but it wouldn't be!
Squeaky Belt - possibly air conditioning - skiddy2k
i went to my local morot factors and picked up a spray for dry and noisy belts, its called 'Belt Slip'. sprayed it on the alternator and air con belt, and the noise has gone. it cost around £4 for a 300ml spray can, but since then, it hasnt come back!

thanks for the replies,
Squeaky Belt - possibly air conditioning - Cliff Pope
Actually, as pedants keep telling us, WD 40 isn't a lubricant, it's a water repellant.
Belts slip and squeal because they are too slack, hard and worn out, because one of the driven ancillaries is seizing up, or just because they feel like it. In the last case, I find one squirt of Halfords Rubber and Nylon lubricant works a treat.
It doesn't make the belt slip round the pulley - it lets a small part of the belt disengage from the inner faces of the pulley flanges without squealing as it leaves the pulley. If you watch a belt as you turn it by hand, you will see that it has to slip a little, the same as a tyre has to slip as it turns a corner..
Squeaky Belt - possibly air conditioning - Red Baron
Actually, No! WD40 is a water dispersant and NOT a repellant! It does not contain the ingredients to repel water as wax or silicone would. Negative wetting angles and all that...

Super pedant mode off.

Belts may also slip because of dirt. Introducing a liquid hydrocarbon will reduce friction between the particles and thereby reduce or eliminate the 'squeal'. Perhaps if the belt and pulley were cleaned (maybe the suggested Rubber and Nylon Lubricant does just that) they will stop squealing.
Squeaky Belt - possibly air conditioning - Cliff Pope
Thanks for that correction. I weighed up in my mind as I wrote it - "dispersant/repellant, repellant/dispersant ?" and then plumped for the wrong one.

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