Polo mk4 - Clutch problem - gs101
I have recently, in the last couple of weeks, had the clutch replaced on my 1998 Polo. Since then, the car feels totally different. The clutch pedal will sink to the bite point with no force at all, as if the cable is "slack", but feels firmer past that point. When setting off, the bite feels weak which makes pulling off very slow. Also, 2nd and 4th gear dont seem to have as much power. Second doesnt seem to do anything more than first and fourth just doesnt have any power.
Any ideas? Or do I just need to get used to the new feel of the car?
Polo mk4 - Clutch problem - Peter D
Take it back to the garage some is quite wrong and A return spring sounds as thou it is missing as well. Regards Peter
Polo mk4 - Clutch problem - robcars
i take a guess and assume that the clutch was replaced by a "fastfit clutch" type place? If so I would also take a guess that they have fitted a cheap type clutch; sounds like the cover (diaphragm) is weak.

Agree, return to garage and ask for their comment. post it here too?

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