Anti-theft Number Plates - Nsar
£20 a pop if you're worried about your car being cloned.

Logical but am I £20 worried by the risk
Anti-theft Number Plates - Altea Ego
Far better to have plates made up on the web. Clonee has no idea then he has been cloned.

Till the bills arrive of course

TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Anti-theft Number Plates - wazza
as a matter of interest where do we stand if a bill arrives due to your number plate being cloned?
Anti-theft Number Plates - bell boy
The plates you buy now are rubbish and let the weather between the bondings in less than a year
more govt tosh i told the tale on here not so long ago about having plates stolen and the police were not interested until same plates were turning up on garage forecourts for free petrol its the usual story dont nip the problem at source but let the end user spend even more money
Next thing you will get a 5% reduction on your car insurance if you fit them what happened to chipped plates then? did someone do their sums and the calculator exploded?
Anti-theft Number Plates - Chad.R
I always thought that the problem lay in people cloning the reg number rather than actually stealing the physical number plate.
Anti-theft Number Plates - Armitage Shanks {p}
I'm with you on this one Chad - stealing the plates is easy but obvious. I have just checked on e bay and there are loads of people, in Northern Ireland, offering to make up any plate you like without any proof of your entitlement to that number. By ordering thru them you are agreeing that the plates are for "Off road and Show use only". Very likely!!!!!

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