VIN change on V5 - Chris S
Does anybody know how long it normally takes the DVLA to change the VIN on a V5?

At the end of April my MOT-tester pointed out that there was one digit difference between the VIN on my vehicle and the VIN on my V5.

I sent of the corrected V5 the next day, which is over a month ago now.

I still haven't got the modified one back, though when I bought the car it only took about two weeks.

Do VIN changes take longer?
VIN change on V5 - bell boy
you need to phone swansea, see, 0870 2400010 they will probably have set the wheels in motion for this defect to be rectified by writing to vosa who will write to you who will ask you to take it to another mot testing station for verification.
Either that or the police are on their way now to take your "ringer" away.
Cheer up soon be summer.
VIN change on V5 - Cliff Pope
Once Vosa get on the case I think it's pretty quick.
I've had a long history of confusion over what constituted the VIN on the Triumph. There is the proper number punched on the plate, then a long gap and three more letters. The V5 omitted these last three, but every now and again an MOT tester writes down the longer version. Vosa recently queried this, and sent me a form and asked me to write down what the VIN actually said on the car. I explained the cause of the confusion, and wrote down the full number. Vosa replied by return of post that there was a discrepancy and that they would be sending out a new V5.
When it came a few days later it was the same as the old one, which I was instructed to return.

I expect this will happen each year from now on, because testers are not given any guidance on what constitutes an actual VIN and what is just a gratuitous bit of model information stamped on the plate on the same line as the VIN.
It's a nuisance, but no police visits or need for verification at an MOT station.

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