Hot Knobs - Saab 9.3 TiD (2001) - Anglesey Ian
G,day all

Knowledgeable advice and comments sought please.

When the side lights (and headlights)are turned on and have been on for some minutes, the illuminated main lights on/off switch together with the heater fan rotary switch gradually become quite warm: some may say hot. All is functioning correctly and as intended.

Is this anything to worry about?
Does anything need to be done?

Yours views welcomed

Hot Knobs - Saab 9.3 TiD (2001) - adverse camber
isnt there a known problem with the switch ? ask on saabscene or similar. I would replace the switch asap.
Hot Knobs - Saab 9.3 TiD (2001) - mike hannon
Odd that Saab is a re-engineered Vauxhall (Opel). I had a Vauxhall 35 years ago that had exactly the same problem due to poor design. Progress?
Hot Knobs - Saab 9.3 TiD (2001) - Peter D
Are these getting hot due to the Dash illumination bulbs or the current the switch is handling. Check the temp in the day time when the lights are not on. Regards Peter
Hot Knobs - Saab 9.3 TiD (2001) - Anglesey Ian
Thank you for your comments


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