E220 CDI - sticking accelerator - Dominic Grimes
I am hoping there is an answer out there for this problem as it has my local merc dealer baffled.

The problem arises when the engime is warm. The car will not accelerate and the revs will not pass 2000rpm. If I turn the engine off for a few moments the problem goes away.

As usual when the garage mechanics ddrive the car nothing happens and it drives fine

Any answers?

Re: E220 CDI - sticking accelerator - Honest John
I hope this isn't an automatic, or you could find yourself in real trouble. The E220 CDI auto can get itself off boost in some circumstances, and that's when its huge weight is really felt. I should get a chance to check what the new one is like tomorrow.

Re: E220 CDI - sticking accelerator - Mark (Brazil)
I don`t, and won`t, have a clue.

But the following details may help someone who does..

Will it rev freely out of gear ?
Does it make the spluttering, hit the rev-limiter noise ?
You've not hit the max speed control by mistake ?
Is it always 2000 revs in all gears, or does it appear to be more speed related ?
Does it change gear freely ?

and anything else you can think of...
Re: E220 CDI - sticking accelerator - andy bairsto
Like HJ says hope its not an automatic,if its out of gaurentee you could be in for a hefty bill.This fault is not uncommon on the E class and I am suprised your DB dealer has no knowledge of the problem.According to DB Germany it is probably caused by a faulty EC or a problem with the auto box.
Re: E220 CDI - sticking accelerator - Idris Francis
A Jaguar?


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