Costco Tyres and Audi Dealerships - ubidenmark
Earlier in the week I mentioned that I'd bought 4 tyres for the 6 from Costco last year for £250. I checked my accounts at home this weekend and the details are as follows :
4 Michelin Primacy Pilote 205/55 R 16 @ £65.50 = £262. These were the same size and ratings as those they replaced.

And at the risk of boring everyone ad nauseam, a further postscript to my post last year about invented repairs by an Audi dealership. To cut a long story short, the Audi dealer advised that the LAMBDA sensors, amongst other things, required replacement because they were no longer functioning. Total estimate to carry out all their "advisory" work £956 plus VAT. I didn't believe them but without the expert knowledge available here I'd probably just have paid up in ignorance.

I had the A6 MOTd today - a year later - and the LAMBDA sensor reading was 1.01 in a permitted range of 0.97 to 1.03. I specifically mentioned the dealer's claims to the tester. He told me that if the LAMBDA sensors weren't working not only would he not be able to get a reading but the car would be driving like a dog too.

I never went back to the rotten Audi franchise in the deleted - {naming their location is the same as naming the dealership, thus naming and shaming, hence the deletion - DD} after that episode and when I do come to change it'll be for a Japanese car. So if Audi ever wonder - which I very much doubt - why I never bought another car from them after buying nothing but Audi for about 15 years, there's your answer. Still feel bitter today about them trying to exploit my loyalty and ignorance to defraud me.
Costco Tyres and Audi Dealerships - Falkirk Bairn
That wouldn't be a specialist Audi dealer (in also deleted - see above) and who replaced rusty disks on my son's Audi TT with 14,000 mls and said rust was fair wear & tear and not poor quality.
Costco Tyres and Audi Dealerships - scott1s
Teh one in also deleted - {see above - DD}isn't any better. Personally wouldn't trust them with anything more advanced than a wheelbarrow - and even then they'd probably make a rip snorting pink fluffy dice of it.
The product ain't worth it . . . .and yes Costco is excellent for tyres
Costco Tyres and Audi Dealerships - ubidenmark
Yes, the one who specialises in inventing problems to be repaired. Interestingly enough, when I challenged the service manager on the phone about it - quite civilly and expressing only curiosity that such worked was required - one of the first things he said was, "Well we're not in the business of making up work to be done." At that point, no-one had suggested he was ! Remember, Ian ? That little scam cost Audi one loyal, regular customer.

And on the subject of brake discs, the explanation he offered me for mine having to be replaced was that it was due to the material which the City Council uses for de-icing the roads.
Costco Tyres and Audi Dealerships - Dynamic Dave
Any further naming and shaming in this thread, and it gets deleted completely, rather than just edited.

Costco Tyres and Audi Dealerships - ubidenmark
I appreciate that it's your website, your forum and you can go home with it if you want. But none of the material you deleted actually identifies anyone or any business because there is more than Audi dealership in the deleted - DD. And I am of course stating a personal opinion, which I am happy to make clear.


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