Fiat Barchetta 1998: Noisy engine! - Richard in France
I know that the 1.8 16V Barchetta engine from 1997-1999 suffers from dodgy VVT components which can make it sound like a diesel - mine, unfortunately, has this problem! I also know that "it's just a noise, and doesn't damage the engine", but I can't live with it! My issue is that I want to fix the problem but need to know where to start! My local French FIAT-LANCIA-ALFA garage is, to put it bluntly, cr*p. (They already destroyed the head and master clutch cylinder on my Integrale EVO by using 1. the wrong head gasket and 2. DOT 4 fluid in the hydraulic system). What do I need to be buying, and what do I need to ask my new mechanic to be doing? OR CAN I DIY THE THING?

Thanks in advance!

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