306 HDI 90 T reg - ECU/Imobilisor?? - tystie

T reg 306 TDI 90 95,000 miles
I have just been through a 2 month ordeal with my 306. I would appreciate any advice on the following so's I now which garage to trust...
1.Car wont start one lunchtime. Not battery or fuel and this is first time this has happened.
2. I towed it 1st garage who tried a new ignition aerial with no luck, refitted the original and said take it to better equiped garage.
3. 2nd garage removed ECU and sent away to Bosch for diagnostics which reported back saying ECU needs repair to fuel pump, however they can't do anything as secondary fault reported which might be imobilisor. 2nd garage thought car was imobilised due to 1st garage 'playing around' with ignition aerial. As 2nd garage are not Peugeot dealers they could not reset the imobilkos. There is no Peugeot dealer in the Shetland Islands where I live, and so I was advised to send car on ferry to Abderdeen to nearest dealer. This was done at cost of £300!
4. 3rd garage then tested ECU AGAIN and found simple fault - coroded wiring between ECU/Ignition to the fuel pump. Car finally running again after 2 months. However as I could only seem to speak to the receptionist I never found out if imobilisor was a problem and if the car really needed to be sent to specialist.

If you have persevered with this tale until now, I would apreciate any thoughts on the above problems. I have three garage bills to pay, 2 month's car hire and ferry costs!! (about £1000 in all)
We towed the car a few times between the 1st and 2nd garage and were told that we might have 'spiked the ECU' by doing this and trying to jump start it - is this possible?

Anyway the car is runing again. I ain't buying another Peugoet for risk of this kind of thing happening again. Pitty as I really like the car.



306 HDI 90 T reg - ECU/Imobilisor?? - paulc924
My ecu failed at five weeks after warranty. Replaced at Peugeot dealer and cost me £753! Despite several letters to Peugeot they had no sympathy. Last Peugeot for me!
306 HDI 90 T reg - ECU/Imobilisor?? - Screwloose

As there's no TDi, I take it that this is an HDI?

Reading between the lines, this was the "usual" corroded terminals on the relay module [it powers the ECU/immobilizer and, separately, the tank-mounted fuel-pump - on Bosch systems] and all this saga was down to the fact that they're allergic to salt-spray [something you're probably not unfamiliar with on the Shetlands].

"Playing around" with a key-reader aerial, won't normally damage the immobilizer. Nor will it, [or towing, or correct jump-leading] cause "fuel-pump[?]" circuitry issues inside the diesel-management ECU. [Was any repair to this alleged fault ever carried out?]

This is just the shape of things to come for these over-complex modern vehicles in remote areas. Everybody's done their best; but it was only the dealer [who's seen that a hundred times] who had the experience to know where and what to look at. It's not even a Peugeot thing; all cars have these weaknesses.

Just out of interest; is there even one diagnostic/electric specialist on the Shetlands? General garages can't be expected to be equipped [£50,000] and trained to cope with this sort of work; Mr MacBrayne must be rubbing his hands...
306 HDI 90 T reg - ECU/Imobilisor?? - tystie

Thanks for your reply.

Yes it's an HDI - slip of the finger! Salt spray may be a factor however the car was brought up here only 3 years ago by a freind who owned before me. As i could not get the 2nd and 3rd garages to liaise for love nor money, it was my limited knowledge trying to convey one garages report to another that confused things. What else can you do! I was blaming the poor 1st garage for having to go to Aberdeen because they 'played around' with the aerial. But as you say they only did what they could.

As the peugeot garage were rushed off their feet, I can't get hold of a mechanic to tell me what actually was done with the imobilisor, but i reckon they must have reset it as today we realised that my girlfriend's key won't start the car. They must have re-coded my key and forgot about the other that was in the glove box! By the way, do you know if the 2nd key needs to go back to the dealer to be reset also? or can it be done by any garage?

As far as I know, all garages up here send away for diagnostics, however VW and Audi are very popular up here (as in all the scottish isles) and I think that dealer has diagnostic equipment. It's a VW golf or Audi A3 for me next i reckon!

And yes, we are held over a barrel by the ferries and airlines!

Thanks again


306 HDI 90 T reg - ECU/Imobilisor?? - Screwloose

There may not have been anything actually wrong with the immobilizer; just a loss of a power feed from the relay module. Do you have any details on the invoice as to whether any parts were changed. [Or that ECU "fuel-pump" repaired?]

If the spare key's been wiped from the ECU's key-list, it'll need a good scanner to re-introduce it. You can re-synch the remote locking part [details in the handbook] but the chipped-key immobilizer is a different matter.

As most recent cars need plugging-in to do almost any repair on now; [wait 'til you meet CAN-BUS!] this lack of access to specialist diagnostic back-up is going to be a real nightmare up there.

Have the Islands Council ever even discussed the social changes this will bring? The costs of running/maintaining a car [not an optional luxury item for you!] that has to travel back to the dealers for absolutely everything will be prohibitive. Perhaps they should consider sponsoring/supporting local provision?

If your only choice is those two, I'd go for the A3; [I wouldn't wish a Golf on anyone.] They're both dripping with trouble-prone ECU's; [up to 25] but you can get a home-user laptop-based diag kit [VAG-COM] for them. Once you get up to speed with it, fixing all the others will be a nice little sideline for you!

Or you could always get a Series 3 Land-Rover.... No electronic problems on those at all!


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