Daughters Car Written Off,Question ! - Mr.Tee43
My daughter was involved in an accident where another driver,for whatever reason,did not stop at a wide,5 way crossroad and a collision occured,which pushed in, the front quarter of her small car and caused quite extensive damage.She was on the main road when the car just drove right in front of her and she had no time to stop.

She obtained his details and on looking at his insurance policy number,even though he is with a different named company,the composition of his policy number is identical to my daughters suggesting that they may be insured with the same company.

Now,as she is only TPF & T,( first year driving just completed )her insurance company has informed an accident mangement company,who in turn has got in touch with a firm of solicitors to hopefully pursue the other driver to recover costs.She needs a hire car while this is sorted out,and usually, this is no problem as the cost is charged to the other drivers insurance.

BUT,if as is suspected,both parties are insured with the same company,where is the incentive to push for the hire car when obviously,there is no second insurance company to reclaim the cost from ?

Daughters Car Written Off,Question ! - cornflake
The only incentive is repeat business from your daughter when she insures her next car!

If she needs a replacement car to get to work etc, she should have one.
Daughters Car Written Off,Question ! - frazerjp
Did anyone read the letter in HJ's section in the Telegraph?
Theres a letter from a barraster about the best way to follow a claim & how to do deal with third party insurance companies, it's very intersting, i've even cut it out for future reference!
Worth reading!!
Its not what you drive, its how you drive it! :-)
Daughters Car Written Off,Question ! - bell boy
i read it and agree, but i never seem to have a camera to hand when needed i find.(thankfully rarely)
Daughters Car Written Off,Question ! - Armitage Shanks {p}
I have heard that digital cameras are not too helpful in this regard in that the results can be manipulated on a computer! A film camera is preferred and I know that their pictures can be altered too but apparently they are the preferred option. Still very cheap at Boots!

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