Advice on Buying a Private Reg - ian
Apart from individual opinions on "taste" of private reg's does anyone have any experience of doing this via the DVLA auctions and how these website reg operators work.

I have seen a reg I fancy coming up at a DVLA auction but it is also listed on certain internet reg websites with apply to them for price info.

Will I be bidding against them if I choose to buy it direct?, is it easier to let them buy it for me or will it be with a big fat premium? the reserve is £250 and it is a basic B reg, three numbers with a set of initials of particular use to me? Can I bid remotely at the auction?

Any info on the way this market works would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Ian
Re: Advice on Buying a Private Reg - Neil
I'm not sure how the DVLA auctions work but you can download advice and how they happen from their website, or you could phone them up and ask.

The other sites, such as New Reg, often don't have title to a particular registration number, but will add on 100% to the price you would have paid the DVLA for the plate. They say they'll get the plate, they pay DVLA 500 pound (for example), they ask you to pay 1000 pound plus 80 for the transfer fee (perhaps plus VAT as well. It's much more sensible to go through the DVLA first.

The DVLA auctions may require a buyers premium, like many auctions, and you also have to pay the 80 pound transfer fee. If you register interest with one of the other sites you may end up bidding against each other. Or they'll buy the plate anyway and offer it to you for a vastly inflated price. In which case its helpful to know how much they paid.

If there's nothing in their SELECT catalogue that interests you (my wife has an SU51 plate) then look at the CUSTOM marks. The SELECT option is the easiest, though.
Re: Advice on Buying a Private Reg - Colin M
The NewReg search function is fantastic, but always check back with the DVLA site and see if the plate is available direct. If you fancy something unusual, use one of those crossword puzzle solvers to get an idea of the selection available. Personally I think those misplaced and italic plates are all a bit tacky, but if it's legal and means something to you, and you have upwards of £250 to splash, why not?
Re: Advice on Buying a Private Reg - Ronnie Courtney
IMHO there is no difference between preferring to spend money on having a cherished number plate, or on having a particular favourite colour of car, which could cost as much as an extra - and one which doesn't either appreciate or can be taken with you.


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