peugeot fuel economy - steve hunter
i own a peugeot 406 2ltr glx saloon and was wondering if anybody else was suffering from very poor fuel economy 18.4 mpg around town?i get low 30s on a motorway run at 80-85 mph the car is fully peugeot serviced and runs very well. how much difference will turning the a/c off? the car has covered 55k miles
RE: peugeot fuel economy - honestjohn
Dear readers,

I suggested to Steve that his 18mpg in town could simply be dure to weight of traffic. But at 80 - 85 he should get more than 31mpg on the motorway. Could be his odometer is under reading. Or could be a dodgy ECU (there was a problem with these on early 406s). Suggest a visit to a chipping specialists, as listed in one of the FAQ answers.

RE: peugeot fuel economy - Derek Crowley
I am also suffering with tha same problem and have decided to sell my 406 amd buy a 306 1.9 TD.

Am I doing the right thing as I am being offered £3200 for the 406, I purchased the car in May this year for £5,200 is this price structure correct or am I "being done"


RE: peugeot fuel economy - honestjohn
Dear Derek,

On Monday I could have bought a 97R 406 GLX 3.0V6 manual with 76,000 miles for £3,600. So yes, the price is right. Whether the deale ism right depends on whether you are prepared to suffer a loss of £2,000 in the short time you have owned your 406.


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