The Do's and Don'ts - ShineOnYouCrazyDiamond
As from Monday I will be sitting with my stepdaughter while she has more practice in her mums car as her test is in one month. She has had nearly a years worth of lessons (which have been nearly every week).

She is 18 and only driven with her instructor. I don't want her to get to cocky and start to think she knows it all.

What do's and don'ts can you recommend for me as I've never done this before?


Soon to be a bald man ;-)
The Do's and Don'ts - bell boy
DONT DO IT,pay the man to carry the can when it all goes wham
The Do's and Don'ts - henry k
If you have to do it.
A few first thoughts.

Are you insured to drive it home if required?

Check out that she can do an emergency stop.
Agree that if you say or shout STOP that it is fully understood and acted on immediately.

Have a look at - Emergency stop by passenger
The Do's and Don'ts - cub leader
Having sat in with my brother and my ex girlfriend best advice i can give is be patient, tell them where to go in plenty of time and in some cases sit tight shut up and for hecks sake hold on!!!
Temporarily not a student, where did the time go???

Ask Honest John

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