1999 Polo ABS Light - old_git
Hi Folks,

Help needed again. The ABS light on my daughter's Polo occasionally stays on after starting the engine. The front discs and pads have recently been (professionally) changed. As soon as she brakes at the top of the road the ABS light goes off and stays off. I did notice that the garage didn't re-check the brake fluid level and when they squeezed the calipers to put in the new pads they left the level in the reservoir way above max and I had to syringe some out. (Not sure if this is relevant). Also, when the ABS light stayed on a bit longer after the brakes were first changed she commented there was a burning smell. No burning smell since and the brakes do work fine. I've heard that the random ABS light display is a known feature. Have you geniuses got any comments? Thanks.

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