Vectra Ignition Key Sticking - sutters
I have 2000 Vectra and about once a week the inigition key sticks.
The steering lock is not on, the key goes in but will not turn.
It takes 1 / 2 mins of jiggling / pushing in / pulling out etc etc before whatever has jammed is cleared and the barrel will turn.
Do you have any ideas / tips ?
Do I need to replace the barrel ? If so, do I have to go to Vauxhall ?
Thank you, in advance,
Vectra Ignition Key Sticking - Dynamic Dave
Have you tried lubricating it?

Spray a very small amount of wd-40 down the barrel, then rub the key with a pencil. The graphite from the pencil will act as a lubricant.
Vectra Ignition Key Sticking - Number_Cruncher
I would suggest getting a new ignition key barrel fitted ASAP. You need to be able to turn the ignition to position I to enable the barrel to be released. If you leave it until you can't turn the key anymore, it will be a MUCH more expensive job.

If you still have the key number, you may be able to order up a new barrel with the same key, so that you don't need to add another key to your key ring.


Vectra Ignition Key Sticking - SjB {P}
Do you have an automatic gearbox?

If so there may be an interlock with the 'P' position.

I can't recall if it was my brother's VW Sharan 2.0 auto or either of his two 1.8 Vectra autos but I know the interlock on one of them sometimes made it awkward to remove the key, even with the gear selector in the correct position.
Vectra Ignition Key Sticking - SjB {P}
Yes, I know your problem is inserting and turning, not removing, but I thought I would share a possible avenue anyway.
Vectra Ignition Key Sticking - Dynamic Dave
As well as what's already been suggested, if you've got a spare key, try it to see if you have the same problem. It might well be that your everyday key has worn.
Vectra Ignition Key Sticking - wemyss
Would be very wary of using WD40 down the barrel. Did this once years ago on the wifes Nova and five minutes after starting the engine smoke began from out of the key. Had to replace and found the white plastic inside the barrel had been burning.
Once went on a Chubbs locking course for a week and they were adament that only graphite must be used.
Vectra Ignition Key Sticking - nick
Chubb are right. Graphite only. Any lubricant will attract and hold dirt and eventually make things worse. Applies to any lock.
Vectra Ignition Key Sticking - David Horn
You can get graphite lubricant in little squeezy bottles if you don't want to sacrifice a pencil.

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