Pirelli P6000 Tyres - Keith
Having just had some new tyres fitted I noticed that the direction of the tread is different on each side of the car. This is the same for the P6000s that were on the car when I bought it.

The cars handling does not suffer, but do these tyres need to have the tread in the same direction, i.e. the V profile of the tyre pointing to the front or back of the car when looking on top of the tyre?

All help greatly appreciated.
Re: Pirelli P6000 Tyres - markymarkn
directional tyres should have an arrow on the rim of the tyre. Usually, if all the new tyres are the same, they should be all pointing in the same direction.

If the tyres are directional, check to see if the arrow is pointing in the direction of forward rotation, if its not get it looked at.

P6000's are not a directional tyre.

As a matter of interest - what tyres have you had put on?
Re: Pirelli P6000 Tyres - Steve G
Are you sure P6000 are not directional ?
I think they might be
Re: Pirelli P6000 Tyres - Andy Bairsto
P6000 on bmws are directional
Re: Pirelli P6000 Tyres - Andy P
Looking at Pirelli's website, neither the P6000 or the P6000 Powerg have a V-shaped tread pattern - both have a wave-style. Neither are directional. The P5000 had a pattern you describe and are directional. Are you sure they're P6000s?

Re: Pirelli P6000 Tyres - Andy Bairsto
If you have low profile P6000 in Germany they are definently directional
Re: Pirelli P6000 Tyres - markymarkn
keith said he HAD p6000's and hes just got some new tyres...

have you had p6000's put on again keith?

Re: Pirelli P6000 Tyres - ian (cape town)
Sounds like the same species of tyre-fitter (australopithicus spannerus) which has been discussed in the back room much of late...
Go back, point out the error, and DEMAND that they fit a new set (turning the things round won't do - you have done 1 000 miles so far, haven't you?)
The mind boggles.
one for you, HJ! - ian (cape town)
Given the recent threads re jacking, overtightening of wheel nuts, under and over inflation of tyres, and now this, could this be a good topic for the newspaper column?
Headline - "Don't let monkeys play with your nuts!"
Re: Pirelli P6000 Tyres - pete
If tyres are directional then surly you cant swop then to the opposite side of the car because they would be running backwards?
Re: Pirelli P6000 Tyres - Andy Bairsto
What logic is that, they are only directional ,there is no left or right hand tyre
Re: Pirelli P6000 Tyres - Brian
I think that what he means is that if you swap the front wheels over from side to side, then the tyres will be rotating against their arrows.
Re: Pirelli P6000 Tyres - Keith
I have an admission to make.

I have just realised that the P6000s are actually the wave pattern described and not directional.

Sorry all, and thanks.

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