Electrical sockets in China - mjm
Will check with the book for definite tomorrow, I think it is the same as Australian 3 pin.
Electrical sockets in China - mjm
China is 220 volt 50hz. The main plug listed is standard 3 pin Australian but the old European 2 pin (non-earthed) is still shown.
Talking to people who have been there, hotel bathrooms take a standard 2 pin shaver plug with no problem and the best way to cover the rest is to buy a "world" adaptor at the airport for about £5 a throw.
The only thing I would be wary of is using an earthed appliance in a 2 pin unearthed socket, but I suspect you are only talking about hairdriers, shavers etc. which are usually only twin wire(non earthed) anyway.

It may not matter too much, I heard on the radio this morning that power cuts will be common in China this summer-----.

have a good time!

Hope this helps.
Electrical sockets in China - BillB
Thank you very much, you've been a great help to us. I'll pick up one of the world adaptors at the airport as you suggest. That's one problem out of the way. The next one is the doctor for any necessary vaccinations.

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