Goodbye Mondeo - Hello S60 - Wales Forester
Well I've gone and done it, after many months of promising myself a move away from the Mondeo I've finally upgraded to a secondhand one company owner Volvo S60 2.0T SE which I collect this coming weekend.

It's an 02 plate model with 87k and a full Volvo dealer service history.

The car is in very good order, a nice light blue metallic colour. I was very impressed with it overall during the test drive, especially the comfort of the leather armchairs!

I'd be interested in what others think I should have paid for this as I think I've got a good price.

Also, any general S60 feedback would be appreciated.


Goodbye Mondeo - Hello S60 - Nickdm
- Great choice!

I'll guess you paid UK8750 or thereabouts? Prices seem to be softening.

I bought a 1-year old S60 2.0TS just over a year ago and have put 22k miles on it. No complaints or criticism of the car whatsoever. I've taken it all over Europe, averaging 33-34mpg. Saw 140mph on the speedo one night in Germany! A 12k service at a main dealer in France cost me 130 quid. Got 20k miles out of the original front tyres, but they couldn't have lasted any more. Original rears are still going strong after 26k.

People say the boot is small; the aperture is, but it's very long/deep inside.

To be honest, the Mondeo is probably just as good a car, but hasn't got the brand/image, or the engine oomph!
Goodbye Mondeo - Hello S60 - Wales Forester
Hi Nick, thanks for your positive comments.
Just for the record I've paid just short of £7k which seems to be very reasonable.



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