SIX times over the limit! - ian (cape town)
From our local paper...

"A motorist who was arrested for being nearly six times over the legal alcohol limit was released on bail on Tuesday.

Nishane Maharaj, 25, of Phoenix, who has recorded the highest alcohol blood content in KwaZulu-Natal during the festive period, was arrested after he was caught reversing into oncoming traffic on Umdloti Beach Road.

The man's alcohol blood level was about six times higher than the legal limit of 0,05mg.

Police said they were patrolling along Umdloti Beach Road when they saw a car speeding towards them in reverse, causing dozens of cars to swerve out of the way to avoid colliding with the car.

Police spokesperson Captain Len John, who was in the patrol car, said when they opened the car door to get the man out he fell out on to the road, reeking of alcohol.

"He was placed under arrest and locked up for the night. When he appeared in court yesterday (Tuesday) the magistrate granted him R500 bail before releasing him," said John.
Re: SIX times over the limit! - pugugly
One of my first cases was a guy with a reading of 350mg of Alcohol in blood. That makes it at just over 4 times the limit.Got banned anyway. He's been dead a good few years now.
Re: SIX times over the limit? - John S
I'm probably wrong, but if his blood level is six times the limit, isn't he 'only' five times over the limit?

Often seen phrased this way in the papers, but I'm not sure it's a correct description.

(yes, I should get out more....)


Re: SIX times over the limit? - ian (cape town)
I'm sure, under these circumstances, a sweeping generalisation can be used, John... :)
It is hardly as if the gentleman concerned was borderline...
I suspect the book will be tossed in his direction with considerable force...
Re: SIX times over the limit? - John S

Yes, absolutely right. I'm just being pedantic, and he deserves everything that's coming.

It just struck me as an example of how the press use headlines which are chosen for effect, not necessarily accuracy. (Frankly five times over the limit is as significant as six times)


Re: SIX times over the limit? - rogerb
The 'journalese'/ 'ad writer-ese' which amuses or annoys me , as the mood takes me, is "Consumption is Reduced By (up to) 200%"

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