Cash for Used Disco - mark ansell
I plan to purchase a used Discovery TD5 GS or XS from a Landrover dealer early next year (OK don't start the Shogun/Landcruiser debate!)
If I am offering cash (no trade-in) for a two or three year old model, what sort of discount (if any) should I expect to achieve against their quoted dealer prices?
Re: Cash for Used Disco - T lucas
If low price is your criteria best buy this side of Christmas,you will allways get the best price now rather than the new year,but why the Disco when there are so much better [Jap off roaders] out there.
Re: Cash for Used Disco - Jud
If i was daft enough to buy a landrover product i would be more concerned about getting a good warranty. Friends of mine have had gearbox problems etc. If you are not going off road consider Japanese. Sorry to be negative.
Re: Cash for Used Disco - Dave N
In theory, cash offers no advantages to the dealer. He loses out on commision from a finance company, and can't make any money on a trade-in.
Re: Cash for Used Disco - Ashley
My cousin bought a new Seat Ibiza Cupra for cash, no part-ex. Our local South Wales dealer offered no discount for cash, so he contacted a dealer in West wales. They offered 4% off for no part-ex. He travelled up and saved over £500.

It just depends on how badly the dealer wants your money i suppose !
Re: Cash for Used Disco - Tomo
What a disappointment.

Thought is was going to be something about a Disco Volante!

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