Ford Focus airbag warning light - chris2004
Does anyone have an idea why my 2000 ford focus 1.8 zetecs airbag warning light has came on.

It comes on when the key is turned on then goes off for a few seconds then it goes on and stays on all the time.
The first time it came on was one cold morning when i got in the car and put the front and rear screen heaters on mite be just a coincidence not sure.
Ford Focus airbag warning light - oldtoffee
Don't know if this will help but I had a similar problem with my Mondeo. Turned out that a connector (yellow) under the drivers seat had loosened very slightly after I had moved the seat forward and back again when hoovering. Pressed the connectors together and it fixed it.
Ford Focus airbag warning light - chris2004
Thanks for your quick reply.
I tried pulling plugs apart and connecting them again but no luck.
My scantool shows the fault code B1342 Ecu is faulted.
But dont want to rush to the ford garage just incase its some other sensor causing the fault.
Ford Focus airbag warning light - timp
I had this problem with my 1999 Focus 1.8 Zetec (with driver, passenger and side airbags). It also happened about the same time of year when it was very cold (probably coincidence?).

The Ford dealer diagnosed the airbag controller (located behind the handbrake) as faulty. The cost of replacement was £100 for a new airbag controller and £140 for labour. The cost was fortunately covered under the 1-year warranty when I bought the car.
Ford Focus airbag warning light - AdrianM
Same problem this winter on my Pug, also a friends Volvo and colleagues Rover!

Suspect poor earth connections - we all fixed by giving seat rails a bit of a clean, bit of wd40, bit of a whiz (the seat) back and forth on the rails, and hey warning light. Not very scientific I'm afraid, but seems to worked so far!
Ford Focus airbag warning light - kithmo
Get it to the dealers, ASAP !. I've heard of a couple of instances of airbag lights coming on or flashing and later on airbags going off whilst driving along. Airbag systems are very sensitive to voltage fluctuations and can be triggered by something as simple as a poor connection. I wouldn't like to be on the receiving end of an inflated airbag whilst driving along the motorway at 70 mph.


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