Corsa brakes - how many miles? - Baz100
I have a Corsa which is exactly 2 years old ('52 plate) - how many miles should I do before getting the brake pads, drums, discs changed? Is there a Vauxhall standard? Is a Vauxhall dealer the best place to get this done if its needed?
Corsa brakes - how many miles? - Mark (RLBS)
Since many different facts including driving style and driving conditions can radically affect the wear or longevity of brake pads, never mind contamination of one form or another, then the only viable way is to look at them and check.

Most quick-fit type places will do a check for free. And if you're worried they might tell you to replace them when they don't need it, stand there and ask to be shown.
Corsa brakes - how many miles? - Number_Cruncher
As Mark says, these items aren't replaced on a mileage, or time basis. It's all down to condition. The only brake component that needs regular changing is the brake fluid - the time interval between fluid changes will be specified in your service book.

In an average sense, front pads last about 20 - 30,000 miles. Discs tend to last for a few sets of pads.

Rear brakes usually have an easy life in comparison. New rear shoes last anywhere between 50 - 100,000 miles.

Your mileage may vary - these figures are just rough estimates.

When you find that your brakes do need replacing, it is worth insisting on genuine parts being fitted, whether by a Vauxhall dealer, or by a trusted independent.

Corsa brakes - how many miles? - Victorbox
As a guide only, my much heavier Mk 3 Cavalier will go 30,000 miles on a set of front pads and 60,000 for a set of rear shoes. I only found this out after the main dealer has been replacing pads at each 9,000 mile service for the first 4 years! Presumably they now replace the pads on say a Vectra at 20,000 miles or whatever the service intervals are now. As has been said, it is best to get the pads checked frequently until you know how far your driving style will get you on a set of pads. Rear shoes on a lightly stressed set of drums should last over 50,000 miles. My front discs are due for changing for the third pair after 170,000 miles. I've had one set of new brake drums in that time.
Corsa brakes - how many miles? - Dynamic Dave
Presumably they now replace
the pads on say a Vectra at 20,000 miles or whatever
the service intervals are now.

My last Vectra was still on the original pads and discs at 40,000 miles. Lots of stop start driving; it was an auto; and I'm also a late/heavy braker as well. Looking at the pads through the wheels, I would say that they were only about ½ worn.

I do remember the rapid wearing of the brakes on the Cavalier though. Used to get trough a set of front pads in 20-30,000 miles, and discs every 30-40,000 miles. Never had to change the rear ones though. Everytime it went in for a service, the report said there were approx 5,000 miles left on the rear pads. They had been telling me that for the last 40,000 miles or so.


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