The hazards of autumn - Sue
Parked the car further up the drive than usual over the weekend, to allow a friend to get in behind me. Too close to the maple tree which shed its beautiful red leaves all over the bonnet and windscreen.

It was raining when I next drove it. Wipers cleared the windscreen OK but I didn't think to clear the bonnet. The leaves didn't fly off immediately - which they might have done had it been dry - but few up in small drifts.

Fortunately the windscreen wipers cleared them easily. But next time I'll sweep them off the bonnet first, as I would with snow!
Re: The hazards of autumn - Ian (cape town)
I don't know about maples, but some of our local trees have leaves which, when damp, lose their colour - normally all over the BL**DY paintwork!
Re: The hazards of autumn - Sue
Don't think that's happened. Of course the other trees to avoid at all costs are lime trees! Sticky or what!
Re: The hazards of autumn - El Dingo (Martin)
...flaming jacarandas....
Re: The hazards of autumn - Peter Mason
Oak trees are bad,-they leach their colour very easily onto light paintwork.
Re: The hazards of autumn - Andrew Smith
be careful how you sweep those leaves off the bonnet. Otherwise they will act like sandpaper with any dirt that is already on the car.
Re: The hazards of autumn - Brian
Silver Birch seeds are a pain in the ****.
They get everywhere, particularly into the heater intake so that when, miles away from home, you put the fan on full you get a facefull of seeds.

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