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Morning all,

I am going to have to drive a Transit van next month and when casually looking at the back of my licence, I saw there was no van just car and....er...milk float.

I thought something like a Transit van was in the same category as car but looking at both my Mum and Dad's licences, I notice they have a picture of a van, and a whole load of other stuff.

I have been told (by a cop no less) that I need to ask the DVLA to put this on. I didn't get specifics but he said that this applies to certain other categories too.

Can anyone verify this and tell me how to go about getting van put on the licence?

Many thanks,
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Have a look at:-
Driving Licence Categories - frostbite
That's certainly a new one on me - I thought the car licence covered up to and including 7t vans.
Driving Licence Categories - AngryJonny
Looks like a Transit is considered a car then.

Incidentally... I spotted this statement on there (class C1+E):
if you passed your category B test prior to 1.1.1997 you will
be restricted to a total weight not more than 8250kg

So does this mean that in 1997 the test was altered to assess the candidate's ability to drive a 12 tonne lorry?
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Having an older licence, I have C1+E and this restricion.

I would think Adski's licence does not have C1+E at all.

If you took your test prior to 97, you have this and trailers, whereas post 97, if you take you test in a car, you get class B with itty bitty trailers and not much else.

Not sure about weights of transits, but I would have though most had a max gross weight within what a car licence (B) gives you even now.

Driving Licence Categories - AngryJonny
A standard Transit box van is supposed to be able to carry 1 tonne. I'd imagine the van would have a bit of a moan if you tried it, and most people won't, but van and cargo won't exceed 3.5 tonnes. Should be fine in the class B category.
Driving Licence Categories - Adam {P}
May I thank everyone who has posted - it's been most helpful.

The van will be a Hi-Cube I think but it would be nice to clear this up.

I have B, B1 and the letters f k and p on there.

My Dad has A, B, BE, B1 C1, C1E, D1 D1E and the letters fklnp on there.

Looking at it this way then, BE is car with trailer. Can I not drive this then? C1 looks like a Tranny box van and all the others I probably will never drive.

Certainly a strange thing....
Driving Licence Categories - AngryJonny
BE I think refers to a significant trailer... some kind of substantial twin-axle jobby I would have thought. You can tow a standard trailer on category B.

I'm sure a hi-top will be fine on category B.
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Err... yeah. C1 will be for Luton Vans up to 7500kg. Not ordinary Transits. You know what I mean... separate cab and back type affairs, more like lorries.
Driving Licence Categories - Adam {P}
Right. Thanks again for the help. Looking at the DVLA site, C1 requires me to be 18. There isn't a test for something up to 7.5 tonnes is there? How do I go about getting C1 on the licence then because I have a horrible feeling it may be a luton van.

Many thanks again
Driving Licence Categories - AngryJonny
Sounds like the first thing you need to do is to have a medical that declares you fit to drive one...

Driving Licence Categories - David Horn

Says it all. :)
Driving Licence Categories - AR-CoolC
Is the Transit you are going to be driving a hire van?

If so then give the hire people a ring, I'm sure they will know the categories inside out.
Nind you if its not a hire van, ring one of the big complanies making out you want to hire a van but are not sure if your licence covers it, then after getting your quote and details on what your covered on, tell them you are ringing around for other quotes.

Driving Licence Categories - Adam {P}
Again, thanks for the replies. It's not a hire van and it is a Hi-Cube.

The DVLA make things far more confusing than they need to be...really they do.

Thanks again for all of your help.
Driving Licence Categories - SlidingPillar

I've been doing my homework. Unless it is a high capacity 430 model, all the other Ford transit biggies have a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of 3.5 tonnes so you can drive them on a cat B licence. This is obviously to fit in with cat B.

All the vans I've driven have a plate giving the weights usually just inside the drivers door. GTW, or gross train weight by the way is GVM + MAM of a trailer and will be more but since you're not pulling a trailer you can ignore it.

You are probably therefore going to be ok, but whoever is lending or hiring the van ought to check it's spec for you.

DVLC are clear in my book, what was more confusing was the truly vast range of vans Ford offer. Most of my van driving has been other makes, but the Ford I drove even 20 years ago was very car like and easy to conduct. Just spend the time needed to get the mirrors just as you like them and you'll enjoy it!
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Adam - It may be 'off thread' but as you are young I would also check with the hire company if they have an age restriction.

Helicopter Jr had a problem when at University because the hire company minimum age for drivers was 25.IIRC it was to do with insurance cover.

Better to check now than get there and find out.
Driving Licence Categories - helicopter
Doh - Just read the thread properly and see it is not a hire van.

Driving Licence Categories - Adam {P}
Hehehe. Cheers for that helicopter - I only recently found that out about hire vans myself.

After all that, it looks like I won't be driving after all as her brother is coming down so we'll see.

It was good to find out though!

Thanks to everyone for all of your help.
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Hi, You should be able to hire a 7.5 ton truck on a car license however if you are hiring it for business use, as opposed to personal use, you will be required to have an operators license.
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Pre 97 test passes can drive up to 7.5t on a car licence, post 97 are limited to 3.5t.
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More information about driving categories in Latvia at this site - http://www.autoskola-presto.com/pakalpojumi/a_kategorija

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Transit 430 is a 4 tonne van which means I am afraid to break the news you won't be allowed to drive as you are limited to 3.5 tonne gross. Even if you are not fully loading the van up.

I am sure it is the same as pensioners ie 70 year olds that don't opt for the Medical to keep all categories.

Only complication to this is if the van has been officially derated and plated to suit.

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