BMW 328 coupe - Mark Hebden
My local dealer changed the block and pistons recentley due to the problems with the nicasil-liners, at the same time i had the clutch changed. The car had done 60,000 miles and would have requiered doing in the near future. Everything seemed fine but after a short time it became increasingly difficult to select first gear. The car went back to the dealer and the clutch slave cylinder was changed. This made no noticable improvement so another replacement clutch was fitted. Unfortunately now it is nearly impossible to select first and reverse while the engine is running. I have done 2,000 miles since the engine rebuild and have had to top up the engine with a little over 1 litre of oil.
Could you please give any thoughts on the clutch and is the oil usage normal.
Re: BMW 328 coupe - Malcolm
I think there is a lesson to be learnt here. Although i do not claim to know a great deal about car mechanics, would it not have been wise to hav left the clutch alone. 60000 miles does not seem a lot to me for a class motor such as a BMW my wifes honda civic has done 150000 miles on the original clutch.(perhaps theres a lesson here for me also - i might leave the spark plugs in my sons gallant!).
Re: BMW 328 coupe - Tristan Chaize
How odd. I sold a BMW 328i to a friend and the engine packed up at about 90,000 for the same reason as yours. BMW fixed it free of charge (would have cost £3200) Then a short time later the gearbox sounded as if the clutch thrust bearing had gone except that you had to push the pedal ALL the way to stop the noise. ie: you had to stop the gearbox internals from turning to get rid of the noise. The diagnosis was that an internal bearing had failed = £1500 for an exchange gearbox from BMW. A call to DMW of Croydon later I had a 2nd hand box for £250 and the problem was sorted.
There seems at first sight to be no connection, but it's odd that after the same engine rebuild the gearbox should fail. Co-incidence or what?
As far as the oil consumption, 1 litre in 2000 miles seems a lot. If it persists (or now, what the hell) take it back and complain.
MALCOLM Class motor yes. Best drivers car by far. But VERY delicate. Needs all fluids changed all the time and lots of TLC. VERY expensive to run.
Re: BMW 328 coupe - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
The problem with the liners is common. Insufficient thickness of plating was the cause. Mercedes plating is very much thicker. I can't throw much light on the clutch problem unless the friction plate only was replaced? Regarding oil consumption: are you trying to run in this reconditioned engine on full synthetic? If so, stop, and run it on a good semi synthetic or quality mineral oil, (Valvoline). Another cause for high oil consumption is running-in the engine TOO gently. Give it a little more "stick" without over-revving or labouring it and it will pay dividends in the long term.

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