Sludge under oil cap - Peter Eichenberger
I have a 1.6GLXi Skoda Octavia running on LPG which is 18 months - 20000 miles old.
Recently I noticed a film 92mm thick) of tan sludge forming under the oil cap. I haven't noticed this before.
There has been no apparent lose of coolant, the performance has not been suffering, the oil was clear when I changed it, there are no leaks around the engine block.
Where could the moisture be getting into the oil.
I do a daily 70 mile return run - motorway driving so it should be hot enough to get rid of condensation.
Should I forget about it or should Ihave the head gasket changed?

Re: Sludge under oil cap - markymarkn
i take it you forgot to press the shift key when you pressed '9'

or you've got big problems with your skoda :-)
Re: Sludge under oil cap - Diesel Dave
this film can form if you don't run the engine for very long - I know you do a long run evey day - but if you had only run the engine for a short while before looking at the oil cap you would see this film.

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