Peugeot 405 diesel - Ian
I am considering looking for a Peugeot 405 diesel estate. I would be grateful for any advice in what to look out for, owner views and any common problems with this model.
Thanks, Ian.
Re: Peugeot 405 diesel - Rob Govier
Mine is passed 236K on same engine and has had head gasket blowing for in excess of two years (due electrical cooling fan fault when towing) It still returns 50+mpg and cruises at 80+. This is the non-turbo 1.9D 91H model.

I use mine for business, and the load-carrying capability is excellent, with a comfortably low rear sill.

Yes, they are flimsy in the trim area. See comments on this site which I fully bear out.

Very little rust, even though paint has been punctured in some areas. Fiddly electrics, such as electric window switches can cause trouble but ate easily fixed. Main dealers are hopeless; exepnsive and dumb. Lots of other good sources for parts.

I love it! It can still be fixed with a hammer and screwdriver unlike more recent vehicles.

I bought it in 94 with 88K and FSH, so it doesn't owe me a thing! //rg
Re: Peugeot 405 diesel - mark ansell
I had a 405 GLD estate as a company car from new. Superb as long as you weren't in a hurry; this was the non-turbo 1.9. Could carry anything; I had motor bikes in less the front wheel no problem. I managed nearly 800 miles on one tank if I recall.

Didn't have any problems, but these are pretty old now.
Re: Peugeot 405 diesel - Simon Butterworth
My experience is with 205 and Citroen BX but for what it is worth:-

Make sure you get a service history, the XUD engine goes on for ever as long as oil is changed regularly and the cambelt every 48k miles. BX now 11 years old, 150k miles and apart from rotables the only engine attention has been for failed glow plugs. As above, without the turbo it's not the first car to 70 but once there it will hold it all day without complaint, turbos are more prone to cooling/gasket problems and the replacement is then more trouble as well..
Re: Peugeot 405 diesel - rogerb
I had an E-reg GLD for 13yrs/200k, regularly serviced, but not pampered. It was nice to drive, comfortable & economical, but I found spares very pricey, eg £25+VAT for ONE wheel trim !

During its later life it cost me quite a lot, problems with rear suspension, new brake servo, and its second radiator was a goner. I must have spent about a grand in its last year, rather more than the £300 I got for it!
No problems with engine, bodywork or clutch (quite a few hoses replaced, but only ONE cambelt - at £160!) . Handbrake was never any good!

Others will, of course, have been luckier.

Hope this helps.
Re: Peugeot 405 diesel - markymarkn
my dad had two 405 1.9 DTs from new (K and M reg)

No major problems as far as i can recall, just the usual stuff. The 405s had quite a lot of equipment as standard if i recall, much more than fords etc.
Re: Peugeot 405 diesel - ChrisR
I've had 309 and BX estate (which is a 405 with self-levelling suspension). Can't speak highly enough about the XUD non-turbo. Not quick in accellerating, but effortless (and very frugal) once it gets there. Just check very carefully for servicing, especially coolant and cambelt changes. These are susceptible to head gasket failure and don't always show it clearly. They are very tough engines and will soldier on showing few obvious signs.

Re: Peugeot 405 diesel - Stuart B
Ian had two, 92K 1.7TD and 95N 1,9TD, both did ~100k.

Others have covered the main points, both had head gasket/coolant/radiator issues. The first eventually needed a new head due to dealer and leasing company not listening to what the driver (moi) was telling them. So after that I ensured the cooling system was topped up and bled by a method which worked. However David Woollard has a full description of a far better method elsewhere on the site, search on the key word funnel, although biased towards Citroens its good for Pugs IMHO.

Other than that and the flimsy trim they seemed fairly reliable.
Comfortable ride seats.

Only other problems were the later one was definitely dodgy around the alarm wiring. Indicator stalk also broke.

Plus they always seemed at every other service to need rear suspension components changing due to bushes and other rubber bits failing. As they appeared to keep changing them under warranty I assumed that this was a genuine problem rather than a leg lifter.

Cultivate the dealer, mine Appleyards now called Blakes started off a bit wobbly but got the act together, so its not all bad news on dealer front.
Re: Peugeot 405 diesel - Honest John
405 estates don't rust badly, but, like the 205, build is very "light". So don't get hit by a Landcruiser 4.2VX when you're in one.

Re: Peugeot 405 diesel - Ian
Thanks for all the advice.
Just need to find a good one, will look for a privately owned example that has been well maintained.
Best wishes, Ian.
Re: Peugeot 405 diesel - Ian Cook
I was looking for a good 405 TD estate a couple of years ago and, for anything decent, they were asking golden money. I gave up.

You may find by now that the 406 is starting to come into an affordable price range, since I dont think the 405 estate has been made since 96.

Re: Peugeot 405 diesel - markymarkn
If you come across K*** RLU (metallic light blue) or M289 VAU (metallic green) they've been well looked after (while we had them), but they were used about once a year to tow a twin axle caravan.

No major problems with either, and when they left us they were in good condition.

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