Winter tyres - AshD-G
Can anyone tell me where in the north of England I can hire/rent winter tyres? I have to go to Norway (Newcastle -
Kristiansand) in December and am taking my car. I understand the law there dictates that cars have to be fitted with winter tyres after 1st November each year. I have had no luck finding anyone in the north that has even heard of renting such tyres. It's common practice in Norway - they remove existing tyres and store them until you return for them whilst you use the rented ones - the only problem is that it's expensive (£200 per
week!) and you have to do it on arrival (hence causing a delay).

Does anyone know anywhere in the north of England or in Norway that is cheaper (I have discovered Feltham tyres in Middlesex will do them for 2p per mile per car - but would prefer not to have to travel that far if possible)? Apparently an alternative is snow chains - but I have heard that these are noisy, ruin the road (if it has no snow), cause judder, are difficult to fit
and can damage ones' wheels.

Many thanks

Winter tyres - madux
You can get rubber snow chains.
I had a set but I swapped them for a garden gate.
Winter tyres - kithmo
You can get rubber snow chains.
I had a set but I swapped them for a garden

Doesn't the garden gate catch on your wheel arches ? ;-)
Winter tyres - madux
On the inside, yes - we use it as a dog-gate.
Winter tyres - kithmo
£200 a Week ! wouldn't it be cheaper to buy some secondhand steel wheels (scrap yard) and buy a set of winter tyres to fit them. That way you can use them again on any return trip or sell them on after.
Winter tyres - pmh
What size?

There were a set on Ebay last week of 165-70 14s Michelin that did not sell (on BX wheels) in Manchester but it was just too far to travel.
pmh (was peter)
Winter tyres - Schnitzel
I too would get scrapyard wheels, and winter tyres can be viewed/ordered at
At least you can keep or sell them afterwards.
Winter tyres - legacylad
Buy a cheap Subaru at the auctions


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