wishy noise - markymarkn
dans ticking noise got me thinking about another noise my car makes, but it only seems to do it when cold.

On idle (i think its still there at low revs), the car makes like a wishywishywishy kind of wheezing noise from the engine (great terminology there). It seems to stop once the engine has been on a for a while (10 mins?).

Any ideas what this is? is it a problem?

If you need any further explaination I can have a go.
Re: wishy noise - Darcy Kitchin
Sounds like alternator drive belt. Only checking the tension and inspection will show if you have a problem.
Re: wishy noise - John Slaughter
Some Vauxhalls (Ecotecs) have an air pump which operates for a while after a cold start to minimise emissions. Can be audible. Is it that?


Re: wishy noise - markymarkn
its not an ecotek john, my bro has a 2.0 Cav with an ecotek and I know what you mean (sounds like a hoover turned on under the bonnet)

its more of a wheezy noise that oscillates as the engine turns
Re: wishy noise - Dave N
Sometimes the water pump bearings are a little noisy when cold. Had this before, but then again, could equally be alternator. Shouldn't worry too much about it.
Belt noise - David Lacey
Apply a small amount of grease to the running surfaces of the V belts. This will quieten them down.

Re: Belt noise - Guy Lacey
Dave is quite right (!)

I used to use Rock Oil Moto-X anti-fling chain oil on my belts to stop the whine.

.....it never worked on my girlfriend tho. (Sorry Sue, Carole, Rebecca et al)
Re: Belt noise - markymarkn
my moment to sound thick.

what are v belts?
Re: Belt noise - Guy Lacey
Cam-belt is a toothed belt.

Fan-belt, etc - a v-belt. Cross-section resembles a "V".
Re: Belt noise - Emma
I wonder if that's what's wrong with my Peugeot 106? It makes a sort of fluttery noise, whether it's cold or hot, but it comes and goes. It sounds the way i would expect it to sound if it had a piece of card caught in it that bangs against other things as it spins. i'm probably making even less sense than markymarkn but never mind! does this sound like a belt thing? it has been serviced and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. but then again, they never find anything unless i specifically tell them to look for it, which rather defeats the purpose of employing an "expert" in my opinion......
Re: wishy noise - Ian Cook
Is it really the engine, Mark. Are you sure there's not someone asleep in the back?

Re: wishy noise - markymarkn
told you i was rubbish at explaining it, its makes me laugh how everyone has interpreted my explaination differently.

if only I could post sound clips....

oh yeah, won't greasing the 'v-belts' cause them to slip?
Re: wishy noise - Guy Lacey
Not if you only use a little dollop of jollop.

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