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Can anyone tell me what car was a Weber 40 downdraught fitted to as standard?

I need a pair of said carbs for my race car,and am hoping they are available via the local scrappy.I currently have a single 38 twin choke downdraught fitted,but with the improvements I have in mind for next year,I need to start looking now.

I don't have the room around the engine bay for a pair of sidedraughts,so that isn't an option.

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Searching Google for 40 DCOE, useful?
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40 DCNF was fitted to Fiat 124 Coupes as sandard but only early ones. Can't think of anything else. Come up quite often on E Bay as popular converions for XR3 & 2 This is downdraft. DCOE is side draught and fitted to quite a few including Lotus Twincam & Alfa twincam. Be wary of getting knackered ones as the rebuild kit is around the £ 30 mark and jets and choes are quite expensive, geneally meaning clapped out ones aren't worth rebuilding!

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Trr classic car mags or practical motorist, these often have ads listing replacement Carbs
Weber carbs - Quinny
How I came about this idea was becuase I attended a race meeting a fortnight ago,and a guy had a similar car to mine,(Citroen AX) and he had 2x40 downdraughts fitted,and he said he got them off an MG Maestro,as,in his opinion,they came as standard.

Now those of you who know your way around an AX engine bay,will know,that short of cutting the bulkhead back,there isn't any room to fit sidedraughts,hence the need for downdraughts.

I suppose I could go down the route of a friend of mine,and have bike carbs fitted,but at a cost of £300,they're a tad expensive.

Weber carbs - Quinny
Sorry.Thats 1x40 per MG Maestro.

Weber carbs - Quinny

Just doing some research,I find that the MG Maestro with the R series engine,had 2x40 DCNF downdraughts fitted as standard,although on the Rover lump,they were a pig to start when the engine was warm.The later ones with the S series engine had mapped ignition.

However,I shouldn't have that problem as I know a good rolling road,who will eradicate that problem once running with K&N filters.

Now all I have to do is find a rather delapidated MG Maestro.

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Glad you've found the answer - I am about 2 days too late to tell you that the ealry MG Maestro ran twin 40's! Good luck

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