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i am twenty one, i am currently on a mechanic course at gateshead college, i have been restoring cars since i was 11, the only reason i am on the mechanics course is because i can repairs old cars, but cannot repair these modern computerised gadgety cars, i have been welding since i was 14, and i now have the body repairs as being perfect, i also help my mother run 'car boot sales' at the linskill centre in north shields, and at the springfield community centre in forest hall. if you want to know more, please let me know.
Re: THE TRUTH ABOUT ME. - Claire Raynor
have you been drinking darling ? have you ?
Do you have a girlfriend sweety???

if not I'd love to hear from you

Can't wait


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i have a girlfriend, she is called emma, i like hanging about the clubs with her, wicked dude.
Re: THE TRUTH ABOUT ME. - Andy Bairsto
You are a 100% idiot if you think we believe one word you say,you have already told us you own a garage ,do mots ,respray cars,do the best welding in the world and how you were driving 20 years ago also involved with the Tyneside mafia while at college ,are you sure you have not got a time machine,Oh I forgot the perpetual motor you had in the Lada with turbo and your partner who does the paper work because you or he cannot write.I suggest you ask your doctor for some stronger pills because the ones you are taking do not work.
Re: THE TRUTH ABOUT ME. - Martyn (Back Room moderator)
I'm going to ask everyone who uses The Back Room to hold back from rising to this chap's posts (not you, of course, Andy!). Personally I've lost track of the different stories he's told here, so I'm not surprised if he exasperates those of us who are less than perfectly tolerant. But at the same time to reply with annoyance or banter is only going to generate further bad feeling, and we can do without that here (it's"forbidden" anyway...).

So could everyone bear this request in mind in future?

what my doctors says about me. - ladas are cool
i am now seeing a shrink, and i have been told to give the truth at ALL times, doctor andrews is very helpful, this thread is the REAL me. i do NOT own a garage, but i am training to be an mot tester, i have not got a perpetual motored car etc etc etc, the main thing that was wrong with me is that i was a compulsive liar, but i am now half way through my treatment.
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copy and paste.

heard it all before.
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I went on a day release welding course as a mature student! I remember all the other students who were struggling through adolescence. They seemed awful at the time, but when I met those two years on, I was amazed how civilised they had become. So yes, be tolerant - after all they are the tax-payers of the future!
Re: THE TRUTH ABOUT ME. - markymarkn
hey, i'm only 20 and i seemed to have tamed my imagination....

am I advanced for my age????
Re: Usama bin the Lada - Honest John
We can do better than this.

Re: what my doctors says about me. - markymarkn
hahahaha. very funny. please, please, no more, i cant take it.
Re: what my doctors says about me. - ladas are cool
what i said is completely true, no lies allowed said my doctor, and that is what i am sticking with.
Re: what my doctors says about me. - David W
I know what Martyn said but there is an element of good natured humour in this at the moment.

So how can a compulsive liar who is halfway through his or her treatment tell us that they are/aren't lying now, only a 50% chance.

Anyway Lada persona don't you think we've all reached a point where you can tell us something of who you are, we'll all have a crack and you can move elsewhere. Actually you are operating elsewhere under another pseudo already aren't you???

Re: what my doctors says about me. - ladas are cool
i am telling the truth, it will take 20 consultations to make me tell ONLY the truth, i am now on my 12th, that means i am about 60% through it.
Re: what my doctors says about me. - Andrew Hamilton
Just loved HJ with : Osama bin the Lada. I am trying to think how I was at 20 years old. I doubt I was as inventive. In fact I remember studying hard for my HND Mech. Eng but then the internet was not around. Happy days, no responsibility and no student debts!
Re: what my doctors says about me. - markymarkn
so for every 10 things you say, 4 of them are lies?

lol. :-)
Re: what my doctors says about me. - Darcy Kitchin
What do you tell the punter who's brought a car in for a major brake fault and asks if it's cured?
Tricky call.
Re: what my doctors says about me. - Andrew Hamilton
I notice despite Osamas conversion to to truth he still does not have an identifiable email address. If anyone wants to congratulate him I believe theposting 14/09/01 provides the current address or you could email (Lada owners fan club registered at that address)
Re: what my doctors says about me. - ladas are cool
the other address is but can be used also.

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