The best estate cars - Paul
The best estate car new / used / petrol / diesel.

It has to be Volvo dosen't it.
940, 960, 850, 850 T5, V90, V70, all excellent, last forever etc.
Re: The best estate cars - Denzil
ru asking or telling?
Re: The best estate cars - peter
My Volvo didnt last forever. When the lamp post got as far as behind the Macp strut mounting (from the front) I decided that my worries about the leaking crankshaft rear oil seal were at last behind me.
At least we both walked away! and the doors still opened.

PS I was the front seat passenger SWMBO had the driving seat.
Re: The best estate cars - Ian Cook

I wonder why cars have got it in for lamp posts. You hear of many being "wrapped round a lamp post" and they always come of worse - you'd think the cars would have learned. Very few seem to get wrapped round trees, though. Perhaps lamp posts are magnetic.

I saw one car that had collided with a tree a few years ago (Sierra, I think) and it had overshot a Tee junction, mounted the grass verge, and hit a tree full on. The tree was obviously not too old and had bent over, but then sprumg back upright again. The net result was a Sierra standing on its back bumper apparently "resting" against the tree. I don't know the fate of the driver.

Glad to hear that you and SWMBO survived your mishap, though.

Re: The best estate cars - Sue
Lampposts may have it in for cars, but dustcarts/bin lorries have it in for lampposts.

Used to file the accident reports for a London borough's fleet of vehicles. Bin lorry reversed into a lamppost, knocked it over, shattered the plate glass window of a famous name store. Wish I'd seen it!
Re: The best estate cars - Brian
Never, ever, have an argument with an old tree.
Lamp posts are designed to shear off in the event of an impact.
When God designed trees there were no cars on the roads (no roads either, come to think of it) and they do not give.
You may as well run into an anti-tank block.
Re: The best estate cars - me
sadly this is how marc bolan died
Re: The best estate cars - Andy Bairsto
looking round the second hand places in Germany they cannot shift and do not want anything to do with volvo but will bite your hand of for a xm ,merc or audi
Re: The best estate cars - Paul
Re: The best estate cars - Paul
What do al these trees / lampposts have to do with the thread - what are the best estate cars?
Re: The best estate cars - David W
I noticed an article in Autocar this week that said a Mercedes Diesel Estate for about £15K or a Citroen XM 2.5TD Estate were in great demand at the moment......if you seriously need to shift a load.

Re: The best estate cars - DIESEL DAVE
Peugeot 504 Estate was the best one in it's time - you won't find one here now though - they've all been shipped off to morocco.

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