Classic-car insurance - Roger Jones
I've extracted this from another thread to make the following information more visible and to call for details of any more sources of classic-car insurance, should anyone know of any.

Specialist Car Division (big ad in MB Club mag this month)
01277 206911

Norton Insurance: Heritage classic car cover
0121 246 6060

Peter Best (affilated to the MB Club)
01376 573033

01384 552789

Classic policies are often limited to 5000 miles annually, but AON's underwriter offered to ignore that limit when I talked to them the other day -- I've been enjoying my Capri so much that I've run out of miles (it has been with Specialist Car Division, as have my other cars, because it has proved to be a very competitive source). I also see that Norton's scale goes to 7500 and beyond.

If anyone knows of other sources, I'd like to know, as the Capri policy needs renewing at the end of the month.
Classic-car insurance - memyself-aye
Try Footman James - my MGB is insured with them they don't put a mileage limit on and are competitive (£104 pa) Tel 0845 330 1662
Classic-car insurance - nick
I've also had good experience with Footman James. Unlimited mileage + agreed value on a Minor, £77. Added a Rover 3500S to the same policy, additional premium of (IIRC) £19. Added Morris van to the same policy and total premium under £150.
Had a no-fault claim with them a few years ago and their service was good.
Classic-car insurance - Orson {P}
I used Lancaster when I had an MG a few years back - seemed ok. RAC have a classic policy with someone else (forget who) which was quite competetive when I was looking for a price for the SD1.

Classic-car insurance - tr7v8
The TR7 V8 is now with RH Insurers, they were over £ 100 cheaper than the TR Registers preferred insurers! Currently £ 150 for 3,000 miles & agreed value of £ 12K full salvage rights in the event of a write off etc.

Classic-car insurance - 3500S
I'm with Lanchester with a 3,000ml/yr policy, cost me £108 with free breakdown and recovery (incl. home start). Best price I could get as Footman James used to be my usual people. Four photos were needed for the valuation service which was very fair and they agreed with my estimate. It's for a '69 Rover P6 3500, fully resto'd and a £3500 valuation.

So far so good, used the recovery (twice) and turned up inside an hour.
Classic-car insurance - Roger Jones
The quotes are coming in, from cheapest to most expensive:

* Specialist Car Division (although limited to 5000 miles, which I am trying to unhook)

* AON (very close, based on 5000 miles, but they won't hold me to it)

* Norton Heritage (20% more, 7500 miles)

* Lanchester (twice the Specialist Car Division quote)

I've tried Footman James and Pete Best in the past, and they were way out of line. Maybe I'll give them another chance.
Classic-car insurance - nick
I forgot, Footman James also include a recovery service.

It's amazing how prices vary for the same cover for insurance companies in the same market segment.

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